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Mohammed Amin Ahemdani

Mohammed Amin Ahemdani is the Chairman of Technical Institute of Professional Development for Women (TIPD). Originally an industrialist turned educationist. Before setting up TIPD, the only institute which has come up with the financial assistance of Asian Development Bank in Karachi, Ahemdani was an active industrialist having large manufacturing units in Towel Industry. Having wide international exposure, Ahmedani mostly spent his time in England and Belgium. Country's leading architect Arshad-Shahid Abdullah that really gives an impression of an ideal educational institute especially designed the prestigious building located in Gulistan-e-Jauhar.

Feb-11 - 17, 2002

PAGE: What is the motive behind setting up of this institute and what is the driving force which helped you to create such an institute?

Ahmedani: In our society, the major concerns of the parents are the life of their daughter after marriage. In most of the cases, girls are dependent to their husbands for economic reasons. We have a strong desire to address this general problem of the parents by imparting technical and professional knowledge among the girls to make them financially dependent irrespective of their marital status.

For setting up such an outstanding institute, aimed at human resource development specially the women folk, credit goes to his wife Mrs. Amin, who started her career with Habib Public School Karachi. Besides the TIPD, the premises also houses the A.E.S School, which also meant exclusively for girls.

This school has been established with the vision to expand girl's education beyond the ordinary pattern of education generally prevailing in our schools. The schools starting from Nursery to Intermediate with special emphasis to prepare children for technical education especially in the field of Information Technology right from the beginning of their education. The TIPD has been granted permission for elevation of its status to the University level. However the management has decided to have affiliation with the University of Karachi for its bachelor degree programs to be started from August this year.

PAGE: It is an open secret now that the education is the only key for all the problems faced by the under developed or the developing countries which means that education should be made available to every one. With this background why you chose to confine your institute to the girls only?

Ahmedani: Yes you are right, in our society the girls are still facing social problems and law and order problems, once they are out of their homes to move around. In order to provide a tension free and a friendly atmosphere for the girls, we have decided to make our institute exclusively for the girls.

Women folk constitute over 50 per cent of the total population and it is unfortunate that majority of them are economically dependent either to their parents or the husband after marriage. In order to give them a sense of security both socially and economically we believe that girls in our society should be provided technical and professional knowledge so that they don't have to go under economic pressures in rest of the lives.

PAGE: What type of professional and technical education courses your institute for career building of the girl's offers?

Ahmedani: Besides offering a number of short courses in IT such as computer orientation, AutoCAD, C& C++, Desktop publishing, Web publishing, Linux & Unix. Operation system and applications. MCSE, visual basic, Internet & e-mail, the institute has also launched Operation Badar program for Java. The certification courses at TIPD are especially designed for women of ages. The objective is to provide students, working women and housewives the opportunity to learn computer skills according to their requirements in a totally comfortable female environment.

PAGE: Did you face any problem in hiring a sound faculty especially purely women faculty to impart quality education and better results?

Ahemdani: The faculty strength at TIPD and school is about 35 members and all of them are highly educated with sound technical background.

Rakhshanda Rizvan, Principal of the institute was also present on the occasion looking confident the way things are moving in the institute. She said that the institute is not after money making. 25 per cent of the deserving students are given free scholarship on merit.

PAGE: Are you satisfied with the level of education in Pakistan and what steps you would suggest improving literacy level in Pakistan.

Ahemdani: After decades of sufferings, the education sector has been put on the right track once again. The decision to nationalize schools and colleges played havoc with the quality of education. Now it is the private sector, which is playing the leading role in the field of education, and positive signs have started to come. Some good educational institutions have come up on the ground that are producing graduates acknowledged around the world. There however remains a lot of room at the primary level in the government run schools especially on the curricula and the teaching side. Introduction of English language courses right from the beginning is imperative to make our youth enable to catch up the trends around the world.