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It's just a matter of adding intelligence to information for improving relationship

Feb 11 - 17, 2002

The worldwide Web is evolving into an increasingly dynamic and vital channel for marketing and commerce. Web sites are no longer just interesting places to visit, they are at the forefront of global transactions. A place where lasting customer relationships can be initiated and maintained. Where each interaction becomes a source of data to be stored, managed, and acted upon. With Teradata one has the tools that load every last click of data into warehouse, combine it with operational data, and then analyze it. The result is business insight at Internet speed.

Data is just data unless a business knows how to take advantage of that information to build valuable one-to-one relationship with customers, suppliers and business partners. The focus of technology is moving from the processing requirements of the past to customer, supplier and organizational relationships. Teradata provides the analytical solutions, including software, services and hardware, to solidify business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer relationship.

Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation is doing more than just leading this relationship technologies evolution. NCR has pushed it to fast forward! Time is the second commodity in the new economy. Decisions are made in split seconds. Loyalties turn with the hands of the clock. And competitors are appearing with rapid-fire frequency. Business have to find the ways to beat the clock and still have to have the information available when needed.

An active data warehouse serves both tactical and strategic decision making. That means that the results of company's strategic analysis get translated into action that stem from specific conditions or events. What's more, tactical decisions the drivers of day-to-day operations are improved because data warehouse information is used more effectively. According to Brent Lautenschlergar, Director of Applications Development, Delta Technology, "We are moving more and more of our business and larger number of users to a reliance on this data for day-to-day decision making, which makes it even more important to have a reliable platform. NCR's Teradata-based platform provides just that. Its true strengths are its ability to scale and to provide consistent performance as use increases."

Opportunities to build or retain value in customer relationships occur not only at the time a product or service is sold, but also throughout the duration of the relationship between the companies and their customers. The comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, provided by Teradata, are designed to help stay in touch with customers. The Teradata CRM solution establishes an environment where companies can continuously assess and act upon value-generating opportunities as they occur. Once it is determined how a particular customer can be best served, the full value of the customer relationship can be realized.

This is most probably explained by Dr. Wolfgang Martin, Vice President, Application Delivery Strategies, META Group. He said, "Many technology companies talk about improving customer relationships through campaign management, but few are delivering real value at the point of customer contact. As companies realize the potential of evident-driven profitability they will turn to leaders like NCR for their next generation CRM solutions."

Teradata's proven, high performance analytical solutions are the foundation of the world's most successful data warehouses. Teradata is installed in over a thousand accounts supporting customer warehouses. The inherent parallelism of Teradata contributes not only to its industry-leading benchmark but also to its low cost of ownership. Its parallel architecture allows Teradata customers to easily handle the extreme processing requirements of advanced data warehousing so critical in today's business environment. Building a data warehouse with Teradata is simple due to its scaleable, self-managing, parallel technology.

For nearly two decades, NCR, of which Teradata is a division, has been delivering data warehousing solutions unmatched in the industry. It can be termed as the best industry tools and applications available in the market. According to Kent Crossland of Information Systems, "The real value of Teradata is the seamless integration because we're able to capture all of our transactions and have data flow through our systems seamlessly and we're able to then query that data and provide one version of the truth to management."

To conclude one must remember the words of Michael Saylor, President and CEO, MicroStrategy, "As e-business takes hold, the data warehouses switches from being a repository of transaction history to being a repository of customer affinity and customer permission. What you have is a database of customers telling you what they will buy if you offer it to them in the future. That, of course, is priceless."