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NCR Corporation, operating in over 130 countries, has been operating in Pakistan since early fifties. NCR Pakistan is playing a key role in the promotion of IT in Pakistan. It has established state-of-the-art education centres. A significantly large percentage of its business comes from existing users of electronic data processing. This shows their confidence in NCR's ability and continued support. NCR Pakistan is following a strategy which is in line with Corporate Model being implemented by the head office.


The use of Karachi International Airport as the base of logistic operations by the US-led Allied forces is a purely commercial yet not a government-to-government arrangement, the Deputy Director General Operations of Civil Aviation Authority, Air Vice Marshall Arshad Rasheed Sethi told PAGE. The arrangement will help CAA cut its losses due to reduced operations by the foreign carriers and a drastic decline of 30 per cent in the volume of international passenger traffic.

The State Bank of Pakistan has stressed the importance of adopting professional attitude of the banks and businesses so as to develop an effective governance structure in the banks and corporate sector. This would lower the rate of bankruptcy. There is a need for professional approach by the family owned business and to extend the concept to the corporate sector. The banks should also come out of the mechanical procedures and make the judgement on the viability of the proposal submitted by the businessmen instead of showing reluctance to provide the loans.

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