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Be a multimedia developer

By QAZI ASIF Arena multimedia
Dec 31, 2001 - Jan 06, 2002

I would like to continue my previous discussion about preparing ourselves for the best performance in the field of multimedia. Let me remind you again, for becoming good multimedia professional, you need to have very clear picture of Observation, Creativity, Idea Development, Planning and Final Execution. I have already shown you (issue #44 & #48) that observation is what actually we see and learn from looking at something and creativity is how good we can convert our observation into practical application.

Idea development

This time we will look at how we can create something new by using observation and creativity. We usually shrug our shoulders and copy visuals just to have good money from our client, but what we don't know is that we are actually killing our creative sense, sometime we blame our client sometime we blame time and sometimes we blame money but actually we have not learned to express ourselves. There can be many factors, but in learning stage we can do experiment and we can use our creativity as many times as we want. I am not an angel to give you any special gifts, but the gift is inside us. Good observation and our Creativity leads us towards development of new idea. What we need to do is not to miss any opportunity for grabbing any flying idea. Its funny, but I believe that ideas come when you feel that you don't need them and the moment you have job in your hand the idea is lost. So, in development of idea it is our first lesson to write down or to record the idea on paper or on computer the moment it comes to the mind so that whenever the situation comes we have something in our hand. For example in my childhood I was crazy about space ships aliens and my company logo. That was my golden time when I was drawing images what actually a child could think and now I am utilizing some of these images in my visuals as I have got some association with that time. So the first lesson is that whatever comes new in your mind try to write down few details or draw rough sketches. Whenever you have any job in hand and you want to create something new then start with at least three ideas and start working on first idea until it changes its original theme. When the actual theme is lost that means you are starting up with new idea. Don't throw any sketch in the wastebasket even single sketch or writing is your asset for future. Once you are satisfied or totally unsatisfied with the idea go back and start working on with second one and so forth. Keep this lesson of observation in mind and always start with different ideas. The best idea will be in your hand. Remember you already have requirements and job in your hand, read those requirements carefully, put yourself in clients pocket and start thinking. If you are a commercial multimedia artist, then you should have answers of what, who, why, when, where, and which. Once you know the objective of your job, you can turn your ideas into multimedia projects.

Its time for lunch but what we have in lunch today? Oh, really I'm hungry! But I don't want heavy lunch so small pizza will be ok, but how can I forget other three friends so please order one big pizza. I was just making visual for restaurant and I heard this from my friend believe me that was biggest tip for someone who is making visual for restaurant which is offering special discounts in office hours something for office professionals I had answers for what my client's requirement could be and what their users would be expecting from different deals and how I could present something attractive for them. No doubt I was lucky to have such situation, but while working, you will have to open your eyes and ears for everything.

When I am free I draw whatever comes to my mind. Once I have theme in my mind I start working with different sketches and for example, I come up with idea that waiter is serving lunch in my office and my other office friends are sharing it with me. Now once I have that theme I start thinking about execution. You can always look at others ideas but remember your idea should be different and as per your requirement. To have new ideas I always prefer story writing and advice you to keep your logbook of ideas.


We are very close to achieve our goal but there are few restrains that we should plan before presenting our multimedia project or visual. We are using computers and we should know how it works and what will be the requirement. Computer hardware and software restrictions often limit what we are doing. We should know what is best configuration for starting any multimedia project and what sort of software we can use to develop our project. Are we developing any interactive project or the project is animated? Are we developing something for printing and publishing or its just for Internet web page.

Multimedia Career Options

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