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Dec 31, 2001 - Jan 06, 2002

Mir Nasir is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). He was born in 1975 and studied at St. Patrick's High School in Karachi. Then he went to Southern University, Washington D.C. to complete BS in Financial Management. Currently he is Director, Technical Sales and Network Solutions at Inbox Business Technologies. Earlier he has worked for Virtual Services (acquired by Inbox in June 2000), Information Technology Warehouse and Electro Sales and services.

PAGE: Has IT fizzled out or lost energy it had enjoyed in the recent past?

Mir Nasir: In the recent past there was an unprecedented upsurge in Information Technology (IT) in most parts of the world. Some were encompassed in the 'too much too soon, state, while others progressed along smoothly, slowly but surely. After September 11, disintegration and lay-offs have become common. As opposed to this the local scenario holds more promises. With active participation of the GoP and integration of latest computing technology in commercial and educational institutions, sales of hardware has not declined so drastically.

PAGE: What are the future prospects for hardware marketing companies?

Nasir: Inbox has been able to attract attention of buyers for its products and services. Inbox has emerged as one of the leading local computer companies in a span of just over a year. The reason being that since inception, Inbox has always striving to deliver the best not just in terms of computers and technology but also service. We believe that business is not merely selling but, more importantly, cultivating client loyalty and customer satisfaction. We aim at educating people about computers and their utility. For example the Inbox Speed Show, showcasing Intel Pentium 4 processor based machines, served an excellent platform whereby the general public got an opportunity to experience superior Inbox technology.

PAGE: What distinguishes Inbox from other hardware marketing companies?

Nasir: Inbox completed the necessary steps to achieve the much-valued Inter Premier Provider status to begin with. Being the first certified Inter Premier Provider, clients are assured that we are capable of delivering exceptional technological solutions and services. This is possible only because of following the worldwide Premier Provider set of instructions, guidelines and training. Inbox is at par with standards set by Intel Corporation. Intel Premier Providers have an edge over other computer manufacturers/assemblers in the form of early access to advanced industry information and tools and the ability to competently assemble genuine and superior quality products. All Intel Premier Providers receive Training and Education from Intel on regular basis, ensuring they are capable of offering solution based on latest technology validated by successful completion of certification examinations guaranteeing that the Intel Providers are truly competent and qualified to take on this status.

PAGE: What have been the major achievements of Inbox?

Nasir: University of Karachi has recently purchased over 200 Intel Pentium III desktop PCs from Inbox. This staggering order was placed keeping in mind University's computer requirements and determination to provide students with quality computer education. Karachi University wanted to ensure that students have access to the latest technology and are familiar with the computing concepts. A data network company has built its infrastructure based on 25 high-end Inbox e-Bridge servers.

PAGE: How does Intel recognize Inbox efforts?

Nasir: Inbox was recently awarded the Intel Premier Provider Programme Marketing Award at the Intel Solutions Summit 2001 ceremony in Singapore. The award's importance and relevance could not be overlooked. This recognition will go a long way for us at Inbox. Intel's recognition reaffirms our approach to addressing the computing needs of the Pakistani market and motivates us to deliver more than what is expected.

PAGE: What is your forecast about outlook of IT in Pakistan?

Nasir: The personal computing market has expanded dramatically. There is a noticeable change in the way companies look towards computerization. The rate of software and hardware innovation is dynamic. This continues to sharply increase system performance and relatively reduce the cost of computerization. Since computing performance is improving and relative cost has been declining, new computer population is growing in double digits.

PAGE: Why should people use computer?

Nasir: The growth in computer population is driven by speed, efficiency and convenience. Internet is fast becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Businesses rely on the Internet for commerce and real-time information exchange. From servers that power Internet connectivity, to desktops and palmtops that provide the interface, to work stations used to develop digital content, the competence to provide products and services that facilitate Internet access and enhance peoples on-line experience will be vital for companies in the IT industry.

PAGE: Does Inbox also arranges financing?

Nasir: For most people, a computer is the third largest investment they will make in their lives after their home and automobile. Inbox with its business partners offer affordable financing options putting computers within the reach of more and more people. The packages offered thereby reduce the cost of a system to manageable monthly payment.