Turkey becomes strategically important as the base for re-exporting of textile goods into EU market


Dec 23 - 29, 2002


Pakistan and brotherly Muslim State of Turkey are getting closer to each other with growing trade ties especially in the textile sector. It is in fact mutual economic interest which is the basis for growth of trade ties between the two countries.

Pakistan's textile industry is in the process of expansion, balancing, modernization and replacing the existing structure which obviously needs import of machinery and other equipments which offers a considerable market for the suppliers.

Turkey on the other side due to its own market as well as a corridor to the European market becomes strategically important as the base for re-exporting of textile goods into EU market.

Although the trade volume between the two countries is not as much as it should yet there is an ample for its tremendous growth in future due to political and economic development in the EU region which has going to add yet another 10 countries into its fold making EU one of the most important markets in the world. Though Turkey has not been granted the status of the member of the EU region despite its efforts spread over a decade, yet there are signs that sooner or later Turkey would become a member of EU community. Being Muslim countries, Turkey would be the first to be the member of the European Union which is certainly a significant development not only for Turkey herself but rest of the Muslim world.

In terms of value, Pakistan's textile goods to Turkey were estimated better as $27 million in 2001, yet in terms of increase in unit price it improved by 3.16 per cent in 2001 but due to worldwide trend of price decline, the per unit price was declined in the current fiscal, however, in terms of volume the trade registered an increase.

The current fiscal is likely to bring a marked change in the trade volume between the two countries and the first quarter of the current financial year has improved handsomely at $49.50 million. During the decade of 90s the balance of trade remained tilting in favour of Turkey. During the whole decade Pakistan exported goods worth $2.326 million to Turkey as against total import of $2.794 billion during 90s. The balance of trade between the two states was in favour of Turkey naturally due to fewer exports from Pakistan. The changing economic and political development in EU adjacent to Turkey portrays strong indications that the trend is likely to get turn in favour of Pakistan in the current decade.

Besides, trade cooperation in the textile sector, Turkey is also taking keen interest in the development of energy sector and has shown interest in the development of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan and Pakistan cross border gas pipeline project which is in its final stage. The Turkey is likely to participate as the consortium member in that $3 billion project which is likely to change the energy complexion in this region.

At the threshold of the year 2003 Turkey is holding two major events in the textile sector by organizing international fairs in Istanbul. These exhibitions of Textile Machinery and yarn are of the special interest to the textile industry in Pakistan and a large delegation of the textile industrialists is likely to participate in that fair.


Textile Machinery Exhibition and Istanbul Yarn Fair 2003 simultaneously from January 29 to February 2, 2003 in Istanbul. These are likely to be the major international events in the textile sector of Turkey.

Tuyap Fairs and Exhibition Inc. has been organizing fairs and exhibition in Turkey to promote the products of various sectors as well as promoting Turkey abroad since 1979.

The forthcoming textile machinery fair is prepared to present new developments and advanced technologies to all concerned and to the professionals. The exhibitors will have the opportunity to organize meetings with the interesting visiting counterparts.

The fair is of special interest to the Pakistan textile industry which is currently striving hard for expansion of the existing units as well as Balancing, Modernizing and Replacing (BMR) of the industry with a view to face the challenges of growing competition and increase its share in the world market.

The textile machinery exhibition will be displaying modern equipment and machines covering the entire scope of almost every aspect of the textile industry. The machines which are going to demonstrate in the exhibition include Weaving Preparatory, Weaving, Knitting and Hosiery, Embroidery Machines, Yarn Spinning Machines, Winding, Yarn Singeing and Yarn Raising Machines, Warping Machines, Trimming Machines, Transport, Handling and Packing equipment, Jacquard Machines Sectional Wrappers, Warp Knitting Machines, Rachel Looms, Braiding Machines, Ribbon Basting Machines, Crochet Gallon Machines, Covering and Taping Machinery, Mattress Machinery, Chenille Machines, Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, Water Extraction, Tentering, Drying Finishing, Making-up, Felling, Inspecting, Folding, Rolling, Measuring, Accessories for Textile Machinery, Textile Testing and Measuring Equipment, Yarn computerized systems and programmes for the textile industry, Textile Chemicals, Finishing Machinery. Socks Machines, related Industry products and related publications.