Dec 02 - Dec 15, 2002   
ISSUE # 48 & 49  

Natural Gas is believed to have the potential to lead the economy of Pakistan in the days to come. It is the natural gas which offers solutions to acute problems currently faced by the economy. The rising power rates posing a real problem for the government and the industry and even the donors now believe that further increase in electricity cost was not viable in Pakistan. It is said that doing business in Pakistan was not reasonably attractive due to high cost of production. Officials in the ministries of Commerce and Industries and Production also believed that most of the Pakistani products would remain uncompetitive internationally with the advent of World Trade Organization regime two years later mainly because of unreasonably high utility cost.


Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works is in the process of transition from a work-starved organization to a one which has ample work. It also has designs to bring back the glory of the 1970s to secure shipbuilding orders from overseas and has been successful to win a number of foreign orders in recent years. Many other such orders are also in pipeline. An in-depth talk to KSEW's Managing Director Rear Admiral Arshad Munir Ahmad. A PAGE exclusive.


The inauspicious Fertilizer Policy of the GoP dampen the prospects of addition of urea manufacturing in Pakistan. Engro Chemical Pakistan has signed an MoU to establish a urea plant in Oman. Only the time will prove its benefits or losses to Pakistan.