By Syed M. Aslam
Nov 25 - Dec 01, 2002

*** "THE MAJOR POWERS need to set an example."

(Former US president and this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jimmy Carter, calling US foreign policy 'arrogant' adding that the US would do well to destroy its own weapons of mass destruction, both nuclear and chemical)

*** "A LOT of the problems that we are having to deal with now I have to deal with now are a consequence of our colonial past... India-Pakistan we made some quite serious mistakes."

(British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw accepting that crises in Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan and Asia are the legacies of British imperialism)

*** "THIS IS A STEP forward from earlier ideas such as anti-dandruff stockings that only offer relief but not actively treat ailments. Smart clothes would make life easier for a lot of people."

(Senior researcher at German's Hohenstein medical research centre, Dirk Hoefer, saying that it is working on developing medicine-enriched clothes that could treat ailments including T-shirts to counter headaches, socks that combat foot fungus, vitamin-enriched stockings and silver-coated underwear to cure dermatitis) headaches, foot fungus)

*** "250,000"

(Estimated number of new tuberculosis patients in Pakistan every year making the country the sixth top TB-infected country in the world)

*** "I KNOW the human being and fish can co-exist peacefully ... I have been talking to Vicente Fox, the new president of Mexico... I know him... to have gas and oil sent to U.S. ... so we'll not depend on foreign oil."

(Excerpts from 'Bushisms', two volumes of US President George W. Bush's malapropisms, mocking his communication skills and comparing him with his father's former vice president, Dan Quayle. Both Bush and Quayle have earned the reputation of champion phrase-mangler)

*** "HE BELIEVES that the more rare, mysterious, and unavailable he is, the more valuable he is financially."

(British director Tony Kaye talking about Hollywood legend Marlon Brando. Tony who spent hundred of hours with the reclusive 78-year star to make the feature length documentary described the time he spent with the actor as an encounter "with the biggest living legend on the planet in the weird zone")

*** "$ 4.8 billion"

(Estimated net worth of New York mayor and self-made media mogul, Michael Bloomberg, making him the richest man in US politics)

*** "... Queen's immunity from being cited as a witness and subpoenaed ought to be reconsidered."

(British constitutional expert Lord Blake demanding a review of the Queen's historic royal privilege to end immunity after her intervention in the trial of late Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell)

** "THE PROBLEM of the image of the U.S. is not because of what happens within the boundaries of the United States but what happens when the U.S. conducts its international affairs ... So far I haven't seen any warm response from the Muslim community here. I doubt it's going to work."

(Indonesians saying the $ 15 million television ad campaigns by the US government in the Muslim countries have failed to impress Muslims)

*** "$ 70 million"

(Hard cash paid directly by the CIA to Afghan warlords to win their loyalties to help defeat Taliban according to a new book "Bush at War" by veteran Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward)

*** "DESPITE THE FACT that there are severe sanctions on our country, we do have connection with the outside world ... Every night before I go to sleep, I listen to VOA, BBC and Monte Carlo."

(Residents of Baghdad saying that they are in connection with the outside world through radio and internet access)

*** "... in view of the price hike..."

(Secretary of the Punjab Assembly explaining the reasons for the heavy increases in the salary, allowances and privileges of the members of parliament and advisors)