By Syed M. Aslam
Nov 18 - 24, 2002

*** "YOU ARE ALL TARGETED .. not only Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan or other (countries) .. what is being targeted is Islam."

(Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz accusing the Western media of misleading campaign against his country in particular and Islam at large. He was speaking at an international Islamic conference in Riyadh)

*** "FROM 1969 TO 1974, she was definitely a different person. She was friendly and open... But after 1975, the centre of power shifted from the prime minister's office to the prime minister's house."

(Former joint secretary at the Prime Minister's secretariat, B.N. Tandon, recalling the authoritarian attitude of the late prime minister Indira Gandhi during the dark days of emergency rule during 1975 and 1977. He has published a book based on his memoirs of his official diary)

*** "AS THE LEADER of a developing nation, I can't achieve one without the other. That is why my fight against terrorism on our soil is accompanied by efforts to bring jobs, education, and opportunity to our people."

(Philippine President Gloria Arroyo stressing that political freedom and economic opportunities are the 'best antidotes to terrorism and poverty')

*** "PEOPLE WHO TOOK advantage of it really enjoyed it. It was talk of the town."

(Political director of Durham city in North Carolina, Melvin Whitley, commenting on the enlisting of a couple of funeral homes to ferry voters to polling station during congressional elections in the US)

*** "Pound Sterling 15.5 million"

(Money earned by England football captain David Beckham making him Britain's 500 highest earners in 2001. He was 45th highest earner in the country and was placed one notch above Queen Elizabeth who pocketed pound sterling 15.2 million)

*** "FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION and artistic creation is a pillar of democracy... and to submit to an artistic or literary production to intellectual terrorism is a violation of the basic rules of democracy."

(Egyptian government daily 'Al Akhbar' denouncing a US-Israeli campaign against a television series which portrays a Jewish plot of world domination)

*** "THE KINGDOM BELIEVES that a war against Iraq serves American interests alone and puts the Iraqi people at risk. For this reason, the kingdom is adamant it will not participate."

(Head of Jeddah-based Middle East Centre for Strategic and Legal studies, Anwar Eshki, reiterating that Saudi Arabia would not allow US to use its military bases for strikes against Iraq)

*** "WE ARE NOW REPORTING five to seven times increase of cancer cases among children than before 1990. Most of the cases were caused by radiation... like leukemia."

(Director of Baghdad's Al Mansour Teaching Hospital for Children, Dr Luay Kasha, blaming the use of depleted uranium in the Gulf War by the US for causing widespread cancer among Iraqi children. He said that 1.6 million Iraqi children have died due to acute shortage of medicines since embargo was slapped on the country a decade ago)

*** "... And that doctrine still stands today."

(US President George W. Bush repeating his immediate-post-11.9 doctrine that "nations which were not with the United States in the war against terrorism were with the enemies")

*** "IF FRAUD on votes were a crime, Berlin state prosecutors would have already launched a criminal investigation."

(German conservative leader Angela Merkel calling Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder a liar and accusing him of duping the voters after being re-elected six weeks ago)

*** "PERHAPS one might say they were unfortunate."

(Inspector Doug Mckenzie commenting on the arrest of suspected thieves on the run who they chose a wrong place to hide in the prime minister's heavily guarded harbourside residence in Sydney)

*** "I COMPILED the information from the mainstream American press and there is tremendous and clear evidence of Israeli complicity... The only nation that benefited from the 9/11 attacks is Israel."

(Former US Senator David Duke promoting his new book "Jewish Supremacism" which highlights Zionist complicity in 11/9 attacks)