Nov  11 - 17, 2002    
ISSUE # 45  

A couple of developments, not directly related to e-commerce but certainly an enabler, are expected to fuel the growth of e-governance, e-trade and e-business in the country. The developments have the potential to lend a helping hand to enhance the export base and to increase governmental revenue by streamlining foreign trade. The overall impact can help develop the much needed pre-requisites required to fuel the e-commerce activities in Pakistan.


The overall situation regarding reserves of natural gas in Pakistan is satisfactory as the country has enough reserves to meet the demand for next 25 years. Pakistan's gas reserves at present estimated at 22.7 trillion cubic feet. The gas production in Pakistan is 0.900 trillion cubic feet a year. Pakistan is saving at least $2.3 billion a year because of availability of natural gas as an import substitute for POL products.


The past week opened a new chapter in the Information Technology and the Capital Market history of Pakistan. The akdtrade.com is a fast and informative electronic trading site through which investors can buy and sell stock. It is designed to change the way investors trade equities.