Nov 04 - 10 , 2002










Fifteen medium sized vessels have brought in a load of around 1,456 tons of fish catch at Korangi Fish Harbour (KFH) during last four months (July-Oct).The estimated value of the catch has been put at $1.456 million in the world market.


As a result of berthing facility given to these vessels, Korangi Fish Harbour has earned about Rs9 million in revenue during this period.

A spokesman for the harbour told that during four months it earned around Rs3.225 million towards commission on landed fish catch at a rate of $40 per ton, around Rs95,000 as berthing fee and development cess Rs5.725 million.

Under the Fishing Policy 2001, the government has allowed 20 medium sized and 10 large sized trawlers to operate between 12 to 35 nautical miles (NM) of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

However, so far 15 medium sized vessels, each having a capacity between 100 and 250 GRT (gross registered tonnage), were issued licences to operate for deep-sea fishing in zone II of the EEZ, while no owner of large sized trawler with 300 to 500 GRT has so far approached for getting licence.

Most of these trawlers are of Chinese and Korean origin. In total, 27 trips have been made by ten vessels from July 2002, and unloaded a fish catch of around 1,334 tons. Therefore, average fish catch of each trawler came to around 55 ton.

Out of the remaining five vessels two are under licensing and documentation process, while three made single trip bringing in a total catch of around 122 ton.

At present an average price of fish in the world market stands at around $1,000 per ton, which means fish catch worth $1.456 million has been exported during the last four months.


The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has succeeded in discovering considerable oil & gas from its exploratory Norai Jagir well No 1 in Sindh.

According to an announcement, the company has struck fifth consecutive discovery in a row in the Southern Indus Basin and sixth major discovery over last one year, each from distinctly different reservoir horizons.

Norai Jagir structure was delineated in Nim Exploration license area, drilled and tested by OGDCL's inhouse expertise. Significant reserves of hydrocarbons have been found at Norai Jagir which is located at a distance of 26km south-east of Hyderabad.

During the initial testing, the well has flowed 410 bp (barrels) of condensate per day and about 10 MMCFD of gas through 32"/64" choke. The Well Head Pressure was recorded as 2100 PSI.


Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) said that the production of sugar in the country over the year has gone up by 7.85 per cent, while 83.50 per cent of the commodity has been lifted from the mills by October 15.

The total production of the sugar this year was 3,249,029 tons compared to 3,012,390 tons produced last year. Out of this, 2,722,541 tons were lifted from the mills, leaving 526,488 tons in stocks.

The production in 38 sugar mills of Punjab during the said period was 2,158,053 tons out of which 1,868,520 tons were lifted (88.66 per cent), leaving 287,532 tons in stock.

The six sugar mills of NWFP produced 135,689 tons of sugar out of which 122,545 tons were lifted (90.33 per cent), leaving behind 13,124 tons in stock.

Out of 32 total sugar mills in Sindh, 27 operative mills have produced a total of 957,306 tons of sugar out of which 731,476 tons have been lifted (76.41 per cent), leaving behind 225,832 tons in stock.


Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (Smeda) with the assistance of French expert has undertaken the task of upgradation of ginning industry. And it is expected that around $500 million would be earned after producing better quality and clean cotton on the modification of ginning industry.

This was stated by chief executive officer of Smeda, Iqbal Mustafa at a press conference at Smeda's head office.


Sindh Engineering Limited (SEL) has signed a franchise and technical cooperation agreement with Dong Feng Motors Company (DFMC) of China to roll out Chinese 1.5, 3.5 and 15 tons capacity vehicles, fitted with Cummins engines, from July 2003 at competitive prices.

This was stated by chairman Pakistan Automobile Corporation Limited (PACO), Azhar I. Jaffery at a press conference at the SEL's head office at West Wharf.


President General Pervez Musharraf asked for increasing gas production to meet the rising demand and focusing on country's huge coal reserves for future gasification.

He gave this directive during a briefing on natural gas resources, supply and demand, exploration activities and options to import gas by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources.


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has okayed a project of $150 million for the development of roads in Punjab.

The amount would be used for the upgradation and rehabilitation of provincial highways and road networks, says an ADB press release. The project was estimated to be completed by June 30, 2008.

The plan would help alleviate poverty by enabling the poor to benefit from the economic opportunities and enhancing their access to social services and stimulating economic growth.

The scheme would also help save vehicles' operation costs and passenger time.

The economic rates of returns for the rehabilitation of the highways were estimated to be in the range of 14 to 31 per cent while 12 per cent for the rehabilitation of rural roads, the press release says.