There is always room at the top waiting for you


By Aly Khan
Oct 28 - Nov 03, 2002

According to a latest survey carried out by Fortune 500, it is easy to find ethnic Chinese and British women in influential positions but harder to find German or Korean women. If you call South Korean business heavyweights to ask about high- ranking women, the only reaction you will hear is laughter.

Similarly if you call Tony Blair to ask about powerful Business women in Britain you may not get the answer, because most of the time he is busy talking to George W Bush about Saddam.and after.

If you want to know about American Business women from GB, try calling him at Saddam phone number as he is known to have parallel telephonic connections to all Saddams tele lines ( except the one in Saddam's bathroom which is connected to Dick Cheney American VP who is supposedly going to bring out a new album of Hate Saddam songs) Or if you want to know from Clinton call him at Monica's number, you will not have to wait.

In case you are interested in German way, call German Chancellor Schroeder and ask him about status of Business woman in Deutschland he would probably say 'Ive never met a woman in a German company at midlevel or above. Or maybe once"

In case of Japan, the only answer you will get is Sumimassen (meaning excuse me) we can provide the answer after five years; presently the Japanese women don't get over office ladies level.

For latest in Pakistan , you will have to call someone in MMA.

If you own Nokia mobile phone , you would be glad to know that women behind this cellular phone is Sari Baldauf, President of Nokia Networks, Finland. She controls $ 6.8 billion set up, which has almost 30% of the global market.

MARJORIE SCARDINO: CEO Pearson Britain.. has acquired high marks for turning the media conglomerate whose flagship is the Financial times, into an enterprise focused on education and business publishing. Pearson had sales of 6.1 billion dollars last year.

French Nuclear woman Anne Lauvergon Executive Chairman Areva Anne heads the largest French company run by a woman. The state-owned Nuclear energy and services company with sales of 8.6 billion dollars last year.

The Chinese choice is Marry Ma, Chief financial officer of Legend Group Holdings China. Legend in China is most important computer company, with $ 2.5 billion in sales last year and about 30 % of the PC market.

The most powerful woman in the car industry, she's based in Miami, but her real home is an airplane.She is running $ 5.9 billion division. President of General Motors operation in Latin America, Africa etc. she answers to the name of Maureen Kempton Darkes.

Kathleen Bader(Not related to our politician Jehangir Bader), President, Dow Styrene's & Engineered products, Based in Switzerland. $ 3.3 billion sales last year. Her current interest is producing plastics from corn. Lets hope she is successful, but then she has to watch Green Peace movement which considers plastic as environmental unfriendly.

China's lady of steel, Xie Qihua, President Shanghai Baosteel group. Bao steel is the biggest and best integrated steel company in China with $ 8.6 billion revenues in 2001. But in these days of stiff competition in steel industry from South Korea, Japan etc Xie Qihua is hiring experts to make the mill modern also Pakistan Steel can get connected and carry out its modernization programme in light of the Chinese experience.

Socialite turned executive, Panso Ho. Former party girl turned into Managing Director shun Tak Holdings Hong Kong.

The only Japanese woman who has 730 people answering to her- almost all of them men, unusual for Japanese. She is the head of IBM's Software Development Laboratory in Japan and the Managing director of IBM Japan. She is Yukako Uchinaga san ( san is for mister or Ms in Japanese). Uchinaga is Physicist who has never worked anywhere but IBM. Girls student studying physics in Karachi University and other universities here, as major can take this as an example and go IBM way. Future in computers awaits you.

INDIAN SCENARIO: Name to reckon with is Vidya Chhabria, Chairwoman Jumbo Group. Chhabria was a house wife until April this year, when she succeeded her late husband as head of the $ 2 billion Group, which has 28 companies with interest in consumer electronics, chemicals and equipment.

New Zealand is known for having a large number of women in government. Theresa Gattung is Chief executive officer of Telecom Corp. of New Zealand with $ 2.5 billion in revenues last year and over 7000 employees.

Bringing cultural revolution in Telecommunications in Brazil is the most powerful woman in Latin America she is Italian born Carlo Cico and is the President of Brazil Telecom. Last year sales was 4 2.6 billion and 11 million customers.

In the fashion world is Donatella Versac whose vision of fashion informs the way millions of women dress.

When ever one come across the word polous it sounds Greek. Gianna Angelopoulous is a Greek lady who is responsible for making the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens a success. Her cousins in Kalash, Pakistan are watching her with interest. . Lets wish her luck

So if you want to be a powerful business woman , consider going for Telecom, Banking, Media, Fashion and textiles etc as possible successful professions, there is always room at the top waiting for you.