Oct  14 - 20, 2002  
ISSUE # 41  

The share of services sector in the GDP of Pakistan remains much below the globally accepted standard. The share of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) which is a part of services sector is even lesser. PAGE highlights the importance of an efficient, reliable and affordable telecom infrastructure and services and the need for creating demand-side IT for the greater benefit of the economy. It also pinpoints projects that could help reduce the costs of both imports and exports bringing transparency to foreign trade to help improve GDP-Tax ratio.


In continuation with reforms to improve transparency and efficiency of equities market, undisclosed trading system has to be introduced at all the stock exchanges operating in Pakistan. It is aimed at curbing speculative trading. However, some analysts believe that unless insiders trading is not controlled, small investors will continue to incur losses.


Growth of population, which is multiplying geometrically, spread of the commercial and industrial installations has made Karachi a city unmanageable for KESC. Opinion leaders in social, industrial and commercial sectors feel that in order to ensure uninterrupted supply at an affordable price, KESC should be divided into four companies before privatization.