Oct  07 - 13, 2002   
ISSUE # 40  

Pakistan consumes over 400,000 barrels of oil per day. To meet this fuel demand country has to import 150,000 barrels of crude per day at a cost of around $3 billion which comes 30 per cent of our total export earnings. The present government however striving hard to get rid of the huge burden of import bill on the national economy by utilizing indigenous energy resources like natural gas and coal. The economic managers have no option but to improve the available energy resources within the country or to find substitutes for oil like natural gas or utilization of coal reserves so far untapped in Pakistan. In KESC system almost 80 per cent thermal  power generation has been shifted to gas

while cement industry has been moved on
coal-fired system. Consequently, the import of furnace oil will be stopped from next month saving at $1 billion a year.


Over the last couple of years Pakistan's exports of gems and jewellery have exceeded US$ 30 million. Some sector analysts believe that this figure is grossly understated. They also believe that Pakistan has the potential to enhance annual exports to 3 to 5 billion dollars in next five years. Pakistan can earn more than what it earns presently from export of textile products.


The presence of large number of female candidates in Election 2002, the fifth in last 14 years, should have been a welcome sign indeed if not tarnished by the fact that many of these candidates are fielded by the disqualified professional politicians to keep enjoying the benefits of power albeit indirectly. PAGE also looks at indifference to the electoral process.