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For The Record

By Syed M.Aslam
Jan-28 - Feb-03, 2002

*** "TO HAVE A MILITARY PRESENCE in one's neighbouring is, of course, a cause of concern. Wouldn't the United States be worried if China stationed troops in Canada and Cuba?"

(Political expert at Peking University, Pan Wei, expressing China's concerns about the increased US presence in Central Asia, particularly in Afghanistan)

*** "MY MOTHER-IN-LAW bought stock last summer, and it's not worth anything now."

(US President George W. Bush revealing that his mother-in-law Jenna Welch was among the investors of bankrupt energy giant Enron who had lost large sums of money. He also defended his position by saying that US administration had done nothing wrong by holding a series of meetings with business and government leaders before Enron filed for bankruptcy in December)

*** "THE WEST bears some of the responsibility for what has happened in Russia ... For some time there's been a very strong appearance of political pressure in the judicial process against Russia's independent media, including in this case."

(Head of Russia's opposition TV-6 television channel, Boris Berezovsky, accusing the West for the abrupt shutting down of his channel on January 21)

*** "... one thing I was surprised about yesterday which I'm so glad about wearing the Afghan traditional 'chapan' has become a fashion. I believe Gucci said something about it that's one of the achievements."

(Afghanistan's interim leader Hamid Karzai expressing his pleasure with his fame as a 'fashion icon' for wearing green and purple striped Uzbek robe. The European media had recently quoted the creative director of fashion designer Gucci calling Karzai 'the most chic man in the world')

*** "YES, WE ARE GETTING THEM and US has given its consent."

(Indian Defence Minister George Fernandes confirming the sale of Phalcon Airborne Warning and Control System and Arrow missile system by Israel to his country)

*** "IF IT LANDED in a metropolitan area, bye bye to that area ... (it) could take care of a continent, but it wouldn't change the ecosystem the way the one that killed the dinosaurs did."

(A key investigator at Nasa's Near Earth Asteroid Tracking project, Steve Pravdo, commenting on the impact that approximately 1,200 big dangerous believed-to-exist asteroids would have if any one of them hits the earth. Scientists have detected 564 such asteroids including 471 discovered since 1990)

*** "IT'S A SYSTEMATIC TACTIC. The Israelis want to kill all the leaders of the Palestinian people, one after the other ... And look how they treat the Palestinian population."

(President of Palestinian Authority Yasser Arafat commenting on the Israeli atrocities to the Palestinian leadership and people)

*** "WE, IN THE SCRAP TRADE, do not attach any importance to the source of our consignments ... It is all just scrap, ready to be recycled. I have handled such scrap from Poland, Japan, Britain and of course the US.

(A Chennai-based Indian dealer who purchased 10,000 tonne of the scrap purchased from the site of September 11 WTC wreckage to be recycled into steel furniture and kitchenware to grace households across the country)

*** "NOTHING SHORT of war will prevent our campaign to build the Ram temple. We are determined."

(Spokesman of ultra militant Indian outfit Vishnu Hindu Parishad, Veereshwar Dwivedi, saying that only a war between India and Pakistan can prevent the construction of a temple this year at the site of a 16th century mosque razed by the Hindu fanatics in 1992)

*** "I FEEL BAD ABOUT THAT ... I am not only under house arrest. I am also under wife arrest."

(Detained former president of Philippines Joseph Estrada jokingly criticizing the denial of 'wife visitation' privilege to him unlike that granted to the governor of Muslim Miandanao, Nur Misuari. Estrada is believed to have four 'official wives' while Misuari is known to have three 'legal wives')