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Jan-28 - Feb-03, 2002

Ibrahim Qureshi completed his BBA from the US with major in marketing and minor in management information systems. Then completed MBA in management from the US. He came back to Pakistan in 1995. He was hired to launch Pizza Hut in Lahore and worked with the company for two years as general manager Restaurants and operations. In 1997 he joined Micro Masters, the leading importers of computer hardware in Pakistan. The company sold the first Pentium 4 based computer in Pakistan and has been the highest sales achiever in Pakistan for last three years. The company was given award by Intel for highest sales for the year 2001. Raffles computers are being assembled from components supplied by leading manufacturers of South East Asia.

PAGE: What are the major areas of activity of your company?

Ibrahim Qureshi: Micro Masters, established in 1997, is a company with full operations of sales, marketing, distribution and customer service. It imports around 100 computer related items. We are among the top companies in Pakistan in the distribution business. Raffles is a subsidiary of Micro Masters. Recently we have launched locally assembled branded systems with the name 'Raffles' which is backed by a complete 3 years warranty and its price is affordable. Raffles company is an Intel genuine dealer and Intel Premier Provider (IPP), the first and the only company in Punjab. Raffles vision is to be the technology leader in Pakistan. Our major area of focus are educational institutions, government agencies and institutions, multinational and local companies. We plan to offer these institutions a branded solution with complete warranties at affordable prices. We hope to achieve approximately 35 per cent of the target institutions by the end of this year.

As the government is giving specific attention to information technology, the first and the most important item on agenda should be making available computers based on latest technology. All of us are aware that the latest software cannot be run on outdated computers. Unless programmers and operators get training on state-of-the-art hardware and software they will not be able to play any role in boosting export of software from Pakistan. In my opinion the use of computers in Pakistan's core industries should be promoted to attain competitiveness in the global markets first and then we should work to become a leading exporter of software.

PAGE: Your company has been given the status of an IPP. Being the first in Punjab, does this give your company an edge over other vendors?

Ibrahim Qureshi: Only the best of the best are certified as Intel Premier Providers (IPP). This is possible only by demonstrating a commitment to leadership, technical expertise and customer service in all areas of information technology. Being the first in Punjab, give us a very significant edge over many other vendors. At the same time, we are in a position to offer very attractive prices and efficiency based solutions. We have a mission to sell high computer systems which have power and are capable of delivering superb performance, affordability remains the prime consideration. On top of all these we will be recommended by Intel as the optimum solution providers for any business deal. Intel marketing programs will also highlight and certify our credentials.

PAGE: How would you describe the Punjab market and what is its potential?

Ibrahim Qureshi: Punjab's IT fever is getting very high with every passing day. We foresee a major turnaround in the perception of customers when it comes to purchase of computers. More and more people are now buying personnel computers (PCs) which not to mention is adding to the high sales volume in Punjab. At the moment Punjab has the highest share in the total number of PCs sold in Pakistan. We think that with the government focus on the implementation of the IT policy and its efforts to make it a flourishing industry, the number of computers sold per year will increase substantially.

PAGE: Looking at the market size, what is your marketing plan?

Ibrahim Qureshi: We are working very aggressively and our plan is to make Raffles branded computers a household name. We are working with top education institutions and government and private companies in order to give them a complete branded solution at the best possible prices. Through our highly professional staff and marketing team, we are educating students, teachers and people from all walks of life on what to look for when you buy a PC.

PAGE: How would you compare the Punjab market with the rest of the country?

Ibrahim Qureshi: Punjab market is growing at a much faster rate than any other province in Pakistan. The PC fever is on the rise. More and more organizations are getting equipped with computers in order to increase their efficiency. Plus, Punjab is also becoming the hub of software development. All in all students, professionals and amateurs all are very eager to jump on the IT bandwagon and learn more and more about the use and applications of the PC.