The programme helps system integrators capitalize on their expertise


Sep 16 - 22, 2002



Today's business owners and IT managers are searching for integrated products and solutions. The Intel Premier Provider programme helps system integrators capitalize on their expertise in desktop, mobile, server or wireless solutions by increasing their visibility and credibility among potential customers and providing a wide variety of tools to grow their business, boost profits and extend expertise.

Intel Premier Providers represent the leaders of Intel's broad range of partner programmes. They are identified by Intel as the preferred source for Intel products and technologies. Members of this programme can expect their business to benefit from an affiliation with Intel's global reputation and brand recognition.

The exclusive membership programme offers a wide variety of relationship, technical, financial and marketing benefits. Each of these benefits is specifically designed to help strengthen the Premier Providers' business and enhance revenue.

Intel supports Premier Providers with a higher level of engagement than the members of any other Intel programme. Premier Providers also enjoy exclusive programme events that enable them to share information and collaborate with other Premier Providers in order to deliver more comprehensive solutions and services. They receive advanced training opportunities as well as a high level of direct technical support.

Intel also provides its Premier Providers several targeted financial assistance programmes to help reduce costs and increase the bottom-line. These benefits vary from region to region but may include additional rebates on selected Intel products and funds for local marketing efforts such as print advertising, direct mail campaigns and trade show participation. Intel Premier Providers also get the advantage of valuable marketing benefits designed to assist Premier Providers to promote their business through local marketing activities and tools.

In Pakistan, like any developing country, less attention is being paid to hardware. This has led to massive sale of un-branded computers. However, with the passage of time people have realized the importance of hardware. The selection of appropriate equipment now demands even paying slightly higher price and not to make any compromise on quality.

The various awareness programmes conducted by Intel, the simultaneous availability of hardware being launched abroad also in Pakistan, the attractive prices being offered for branded computer and easy financing facility encourages customers to buy hardware with extended warranty, despite being a little expensive.

Intel has been able to develop nearly half a dozen Premier Providers in Pakistan. In the southern region, Inbox Business Technologies was the first to achieve the Intel Premier Provider status in Pakistan. It was established almost two years ago with the aim of capturing the local market by introducing a locally assembled branded range of computers. By sheer virtue of technical expertise and exceptional customer service, Inbox has managed to establish itself as a formidable entity in the market.

In the northern region, Micro Masters of Lahore was the first to acquire the status of Premier Provider. Enjoying the advantage of its location, it has the potential to cater to a very big emerging market. It has been able to solicit a number of sales with higher educational institutions and government offices located in Islamabad.