All customer mania stricken countries have national quality award given to the best organisation in quality systems every year.

In India it is Rajiv Gandhi quality award., Canada has the corporate excellence award of Canada, The European have their own quality award which Americans don't like, Singapore and Malaysia has national quality award for the firms which believes in, right the first time, right all the time. Americans have Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award(MBNQA) for organizations that excel in having quality system in their managerial set up where Customer Satisfaction is the major focus. Thanks to our Bureaucrats and Technocrats in Islamabad we don't have any such Quality award, rather we have Nigar Award for best films and songs like Kapray pahan kur jaon kahan or Asi to Jana Bilo de ghar and like.

Japanese organizations look towards getting Dr.Demmings award, Demming was quality guru who impressed Japanese with his statistical process control more than he could convince fellow Americans. Demming Quality Philosophy revolves around 14 points. basically it is 13 points vision since 13 is considered as un lucky so he made it 14.

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is an annual award to recognize U.S organizations for performance excellence. The award promotes sharing of information on successful performance strategies, competitiveness etc. Currently there are three categories: manufacturing, service and small business. Two awards may be given each year in each category. The core values and concepts are embodied in seven categories with a total score of 1000 points. Namely. Leadership 110 points maximum out of 1000 points, strategic planning 80 points maximum, customer and market focus 80, Information and analysis 80, Human resource focus 100, Process management 100 and Business results highest 450 points that could be scored out of total 1000 points.

The Business Results category examines the company's performance and improvement in business areas like customer satisfaction, financial and market place performance, human resource results, supplier and partner performance, and operational performance.


One thing good about Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP) is it is vibrant and sends waves, last year it give quality resembling awards to Kohinoor Weaving Mills, Sitara Chemicals Industries, Rafhan Maize Products, Millat Tractors, Thal Jute and Orix Leasing Pakistan. Based on their wisdom they have proposed Quality award criteria for Pakistani consumption, with following score board.

Corporate governance 15%, Strategic direction and leadership 25%, Customer and Market focus 20%, Human resources focus 20%, Operation Management 7.5%, Risk Management 5%. Only ISO certified firms would be eligible for participation. For Bureaucrats who matter, the proposed award is good food for thought. Adopt it if you can and call it Jinnah Quality award.


AT TEXTILE INSTITUE OF PAKISTAN: Exits MAZDAK a nom de plume of ex president of TIP (Irfan Hussain) enters Shakeel Ahmed as new president( another batch mate of Gen.Musharraf) equally talented who brings rich experience of management as an ex director of Finance of Pakistan Steel.

Mr Irfan Hussain also ex director of finance of PS played a major role in changing the face of the Textile Institute. Previously housed in an old building near Nursery the Institute has been shifted into new sprawling Campus near Dhabeji with all the facilities. TIP has great future and if worked with passion the Institute could also have Textile Engineering and Materials Science etc. The institute would be doing a great service if it tries to solve technical problems being faced by the textile industries. Research is the direction it should address plus it can develop excellent professional development center being located close to so many factories in Port Qasim area. It all depends on the new CEO how he can bring new blood for a better deal.

No-ta be-ne is latin word meaning take notice or note well.