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An agent of change in the automobile industry


Sep 09 - 15, 2002

HYUNDAI & KIA RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: To retain its cutting edge of technology, and to meet the constantly rising quality expectations of its customers, Hyundai Motor Company spends 8% of its revenue in R&D activities. Following the acquisition of Kia Motors Corporation, Hyundai Motor Company now has eight R&D centers in different parts of the world. This has resulted in superior technological competitiveness in the development of advanced vehicle programs including the electric, solar, hybrid and CNG fuel cars as well as intelligent vehicle systems.

TECHNOLOGY & QUALITY: Hyundai & Kia have taken tremendous strides in the pursuit of quality at all levels of the organization from design engineering to process control and final assembly. Through its state-of-the-art technology, both Hyundai & Kia are committed to meet the highest standards of performance, durability, safety and comfort to offer its customers the best value for their money. Conscientious environmental manufacturing processes ensure harmonious relationship between nature and the people who inhabit it.

DEWAN FAROOQUE MOTORS LIMITED: Dewan Farooque Motors Limited (DFML) was established in 1998 with the signing of Technical Licensing Agreement (TLA) with Hyundai Motor Company of South Korea for the distribution and progressive manufacture of Hyundai vehicles, their spare parts and accessories in Pakistan. Hyundai is the largest business group of South Korea and contributes 25% to the GDP of South Korea.

DFML is an important addition in the family of Dewan Mushtaq Group (DMG). It is fully owned by the group and local Pakistani investors showing the commitment of DMG with the people of Pakistan. The company is also listed on all the stock exchanges of Pakistan.

DFML is committed to offer cost competitive products offering superior value for money in a market that is dominated by relatively expensive Japanese products of outdated design and technology.

DFML's PRODUCT RANGE: DFML is the only company manufacturing Hyundai and Kia vehicles in the same plant outside the parent country, Korea. It has plans to expand its product range to cover all segments of the automobile market. It has already introduced products belonging to 6 distinct segments of the automobile market including 1000 cc, 1300 cc and 1500 cc sedan car segments as well as a 1-ton pickup and van and to top it all with the one and only Sports Utility 4x4 Vehicle (SUV) available in Pakistan.

12 SEAT COMMUTER VAN 2600 CC HYUNDAI GRACE COMMUTER VAN: DFML started its business activities with the launching of its Completely Built Up (CBU) 12 seater Grace Commuter vans in April 1999. These luxury vans are well accepted by both individual and corporate customers, mainly because of their superior quality, comfort, and highly competitive prices. It is also the market leader in it category.

1-TON PICKUP 2600 CC HYUNDAI SHEHZORE: The company launched its first locally assembled 2600cc 1.0-ton pickup Hyundai Shehzore in September 1999. This vehicle has already acquired market leadership for the second consecutive year in the LCV 1-ton pickup market with approximately 60% market share.

COMPACT SEDAN 1300 CC KIA CLASSIC / NGV: DFML launched 1300 cc locally assembled KIA Classic on February 2000. Kia Classic has been well accepted by the Pakistani customers due to its high Value For Money (VFM). A bi-fuel CNG variant of this car Kia NGV fitted with purpose built Italian CNG kit and specially designed cylinders is also being offered to the cost conscious customers.

ECONOMY CAR 1000 CC HYUNDAI SANTRO PLUS: A product that has most advanced and latest technology is Santro. It is the 1000cc, 4 cylinders, 12 valve Multipoint Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). Santro is more than just a car, it communicates the mood, portrays the status, its agile performance and nimble handling combined with its now famous fuel efficiency makes it the best buy in its class. More than just another small car, Santro has an added dimension of versatility due to its unique design, spacious interior and a friendly disposition suitable for individual lifestyle or for family use providing best value for money.

It has got everything a smart family needs these days. To name a few, Santro has the price affordability, fuel efficiency & low maintenance cost to meet small budget, instrument panel within convenient reach of the driver, a stereo to suit your acoustic needs, quiet air-conditioning, spacious trunk, alloy wheel, stop & fog lights, etc. and many more.

LUXURY SEDAN CAR 1500 CC SPECTRA: Spectra boasts an impressive 1500 cc, EFI in-line 4 cylinders, 16-valve, DOHC engine, with manual and automatic transmission options. It offers noiseless drive with unmatched comfort & safety. This car has an exceptionally strong road grip, good pickup and glides even on rough surface. Spectra offers unmatched space & creature comforts of much expensive Japanese origin cars at an incredibly affordable price.

4X4 SPORTS UTILITY VEHICLE 2000 CC TURBO-DIESEL INTERCOOLER GRAND SPORTAGE: The latest addition to DFML's product lineup is Grand Sportage. Due to its winning qualities, it is doing outstandingly well in all the markets by appealing to the broadest demographic segment possible. It has not only provided an upgraded path for existing car owners, but with its bold, unique styling and superb performance it has also attracted new buyers who have previously never considered purchasing a SUV.

It is the first Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) to be assembled in Pakistan. The introduction of Grand Sportage has marked the beginning of a whole new chapter of grand motoring in Pakistan.

It is powered by sophisticated 2.0 liter, Turbo intercooler diesel engine. It has flexible seating, strong ladder frame body design, sophisticated double wishbone at front and 5-link coil spring rear suspension to deliver a remarkably smooth car like ride and handling. This suspension system is equally suited for on-road and off-road driving conditions while providing a ride comfort akin to luxury passenger cars.

CNG VEHICLES: Kia Classic and Spectra have also been introduced with dedicated design / purpose built factory fitted CNG fuel system. The bi-fuel CNG system provides flexibility of operation on gasoline or CNG with utmost ease and convenience combined with economical and ecological advantages. Both the products have been well accepted in market.

3S DEALERSHIP NETWORK: DFML, in order to provide complete Aftersales support to the customers, has established a nationwide dealership network of 22 Hyundai-Kia 3S (Sales, Service and Spare Parts) dealers, under its roof.

The Central Parts Depot. located at Karachi is the nerve center of supplying Hyundai and Kia spare parts throughout Pakistan.

DFML'S STATE-OF-THE-ART FACTORY: Dewan Farooque Motors Limited has one of the most advanced automobile assembly plants of South East Asia. Located in Sujawal, Thatta, 152 Kilometers from Karachi was built in a record time. The plant stands on a 40-hectare plot and has been built with an initial investment of more than Rs.1.8 billion. Its unique feature include, inter-alia, the provision of high standard of living accommodation for all categories of employees, the availability of land for expansion of production facilities, and the in-house generation of electric power. It has a production base of 10,000 units p.a. on a single shift basis.

The plant is first automobile manufacturing unit in Pakistan to be independently invested by 100% Pakistani investors. The groundbreaking ceremony for the plant was held in August 1999, and the first pilot Santro was ready in a record-breaking time of 6 months. Today the modern state-of-the-art plant is rolling out cars every day. This is the first automobile assembling plant in Pakistan with the state of art robotic equipment.

A) BODY SHOP: Spread over an area of 8,400 square meters, the Body Shop is equipped with the most modern welding equipment and automatic type jigs & fixtures from Korea.

The well-trained and experienced manpower is making the best use of the available equipment and is practicing up-to-date production and quality control techniques to produce highest quality vehicle bodies here.

B) ROBOTIC PAINT SHOP: The Paint Shop is a combination of excellent engineering know-how and design with the most efficient German and Korean equipment.

The plant has a state of the art CED paint shop from Shindurr. Shindurr has German technology and has constructed number of CED paint shops in Europe, Far East and Asian countries. The Cathodic Electro Deposition (ED) System provides durability to the body and protection against rust.

The facility also includes high-speed integrated setup of Robots to provide unprecedented paint quality. Painting Robots are supplied by DURR-BEHR of Germany, the most technologically advanced name in the world for such equipment, are being used to paint the vehicle bodies for the first time in Pakistan. This is the first Automobile assembling plant in Pakistan with the state of the art Robotic Equipment. The use of robots results in the production of evenly sprayed, high gloss, defect-free and high quality painted bodies.

C) ASSEMBLY SHOP & INSPECTION LINE: The combination of the conveyors provided by SEOKWANG of Korea, and the ANDON System installed throughout the shop provide efficient communication and better control of production activities.

The tester line, with high precision equipment from Iyasaka - Korea, is employed to test and adjust the vehicles in order to ensure defect free and highest quality output. Exhaust gas analyzers are also used to ensure that environment friendly automobiles are rolled-out from the factory.

TOTAL CUSTOMER CARE: Dewan Farooque Motors Limited strives to serve its valued customers. The in-house Customer Care & Training Departments has been instrumental in conducting various seminars and workshops for developing professional skills and techniques for effective customer handling to provide high value products and services to customers and to ensure highest level of customer satisfaction.

DFML AN AGENT OF CHANGE IN THE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY: Ever since its entrance into the automobile arena, DFML has proved to be an agent of change. During the last two years, the automobile market has undergone a transition with many new product introductions and healthier competition. The well-entrenched Japanese assemblers have also reacted to the changed market scenario, which is increasingly becoming a supplier's market rather than a buyer's market.