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Pakistan's Geo-Strategic & Defence Showcase


By Syed M. Aslam
Sep 09 - 15, 2002

IDEAS, now counted amongst one of the most established and prestigious international arms shows, is an interactive platform for the manufacturers and trading concerns from far and wide to share expertise and technological achievements with rest of the world and enhance their global presence.

The recent developments in this region have completely transformed the world into a place where peace is the core issue and the mechanics for its global implementation are needed to be understood and addressed.

Pakistan has gained worldwide recognition and popularity as the most supportive ally in the fight against terrorism in the region, which has brought into focus the need for closer international defence cooperation. This overall scenario provides an excellent opportunity to integrate the international defence industry with Pakistan's indigenous arms and ammunition producers for entering the global regulated arms trade regime with a new strength.

IDEAS 2002 will bring together international manufacturers and suppliers of products and services to explore the opportunity for cooperation in the field of defence production and facilitate the commonality of weapons and equipment for the ease of integration of multinational forces.

Pakistan's role as a frontline state in the fight against terrorism makes the second International Defence Exhibition and Seminar - IDEAS 2002 an ideal platform for interaction to discuss the importance of support services and equipment required by the multinational special operations forces for any intended theatre of operation.

The success of the very first show of the sequel of this biennial exhibition, IDEAS 2000, laid the grounds for further achievements and recognition amongst the international defence industry, leading to a far more greater exhibit of defence ware and allied services this year in Karachi, Pakistan.

Organised by the pioneer and one of the leading C&E organising companies in Pakistan, Pegasus Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd. IDEAS 2002 is a venture of the Government of Pakistan, supported, endorsed and co-ordinated by Pakistan Armed Forces, Export Promotion Bureau and Defence Export Promotion Organisation, respectively.

The formal Inauguration Ceremony and the International Defence Seminar on "Emerging Security Environment in Asia", scheduled on 16th September 2002, will be followed by the four-day exhibition where exhibitors and visitors from across the world are converging to be a part of one of the largest defence exhibitions in South Asia.

The IDEAS 2002 Seminar programme, addressed by representatives of some of the leading defence related organisations and institutions as well as geo-strategic visionaries, is planned to attract a large audience, comprising of top defence professionals, armed forces personnel and members of world's defence ministries. Topics like Asian Security Scenario and Asian Defence Market add further matter to the vast vision of the Seminar programme this year.

Similar to the large attendance by 45 high-level international defence delegations and dignitaries at the previous show, an even greater participation can be seen at IDEAS 2002. The response received from exhibitors and foreign delegations has been much positive and the participation has been confirmed from 35 delegations so far, including China, Brazil, Ukraine, France, UAE, Brunei, Turkmenistan, Jordan, UK, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, Qatar and Spain.

The show has also been able to attract official visitors from the defence ministries of France, Belgium, Switzerland and UK in addition to trade visitors from as far away as Australia.

In addition to the re-bookings by previous exhibitors, a large number of new exhibitors have also joined in to benefit from their participation at one of the largest exhibitions in this region of the world. Considering the massive response to their previous participation, many exhibitors have re-booked their stalls at much larger areas.

The three exhibition halls have been arranged such that Hall-1 accommodates Pakistani exhibitors, comprising of major manufacturers of arms and ammunition that range from light firearms, UAVs, rockets & missiles, electronic & optical equipment and rocket launchers to heavy machinery, APCs & tanks as well as aircraft manufacturing, together with many others. Also, the Training Directorates of the three Armed Forces of Pakistan have reserved their separate stalls in the same hall.

On the other hand, Hall-2 and Hall-3 mainly feature the international participants at the exhibition. The International Halls include companies from China, Turkey, France, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, UAE and UK as some of the major exhibitors. In order to gain further prominence at IDEAS 2002, most of the international exhibitors have emerged in form of their countries' pavilions.

In addition to the exhibition, a number of ongoing events have been planned to add further significance to IDEAS 2002. These include a daily Mobility Demonstrations by a unit of the Armed Forces and the Static Display of Pakistani Naval Fleet at the Dockyard featuring Warships, Missile Boats and Submarines. The Governor's Reception, an evening specifically to welcome the dignitaries and exhibitors by the Governor of Sindh the province of Pakistan where IDEAS is being held, is scheduled on 17th September. At this reception, the attendees will get the opportunity to meet the top personnel of the Pakistan Armed Forces as well as the decision-makers from the government of Pakistan. In addition, a reception hosted by the Service Chiefs of Pakistan is also scheduled the day next. The organisers of IDEAS 2002, Pegasus Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd. are hosting a reception on 19th September for the international participants, delegates and visitors, where Pakistan's culture and hospitality will be brought into limelight.

Besides the ongoing events, a massive Firing Demonstration is also planned to culminate the exhibition. Destructive capabilities of land-based heavy artillery, being used by the Pakistan Armed Forces, in addition to the Aerial display by the PAF jets are the main highlights of this demonstration. In addition, all the ammunition used at this demonstration is made in Pakistan by the leading state-owned and private defence manufacturing companies.

Having already achieved a well-deserved popularity and prominence in the defence market, IDEAS 2002 would now further pave the way towards mutual understanding and cooperation between the nations jointly involved in serving the global cause of peace where Pakistan keeps playing its dominant role in the Asian region.