Aug 26 - Sep 01, 2002



Business World today has become far more challenging and demanding than ever before. Gone are the days where MBA distinguishes your CV from others. Higher Education, like Masters Degree, helps you qualify for lucrative newspaper jobs, but does not guarantee your selection even in the short-listed candidates. In such nerve-breaking times, added computer expertise goes a long way in pushing up your CV in the HR Manager's top priority candidate list. This is where Multimedia Education, a 3rd generation professional category in computer education, after the initial saturation of Software and Hardware fields in local industry and overseas comes handy.

Today, Multimedia, has taken over business industry by a storm and literally no industry as of today can survive at its best potential without the involvement of multimedia services at any stage of production & development. Though it is a pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing, services, petroleum, insurance, packaging industry — or of course design & printing industry — you name it, they need...IT.


All of this makes the importance of multimedia education (from beginner's to professional executive level) a very integral part of everyone's career. In other words a must career stop. And the best thing about multimedia is that besides not being a frontline career choice for many students cum executives, but still Multimedia offers lucrative career opportunities, which students and executives tend to realize down their career paths, whether they are currently engaged in BBA, BA, BCS, BSc, B.Com, MBA, etc. This realization eventually turns their attention to ARENA Multimedia — the pioneer of visual and moving graphic technology training in Pakistan.


ARENA Multimedia is an international IT training center of APTECH World Wide Inc. USA, providing training in the field of computers in organized way which has been tested and preferred over and over again. ARENA Multimedia is the first formal International Digital, Graphic and Multimedia institute in Pakistan. ARENA has now 10 centers in different cities of Pakistan, 8 in Karachi (Shahrah-e-Faisal, Clifton, Gulshan, F.B. Area, Bagh-e-Quaid, Nazimabad, Gulistan- e Jauhar and Defence), 1 in Lahore and 1 in Hyderabad. ARENA plans to open 10 new centers in next six months in north of Pakistan in cities like Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad etc.


"It's a seamless integration of two or more than two media elements i.e. audio, video, text, graphics, animations with interactivity"


Perhaps more important than definition is use of multimedia. Multimedia is most often used for presentations, training and education programs, sales demonstrations, museum kiosk, games, interface designs, CAD CAM designing etc. But multimedia can also be used for correspondence, artistic programs and even wedding invitations. There is really no end what you can do with multimedia — such as Computer Graphics, Animation, Imaging, Digitizing, Scanning, 3D Modeling, Rendering Visualizations for creating interactive multimedia applications and Internet technology etc. And ARENA being part of Aptech Worldwide Inc. USA has been providing quality computer education program in these categories with International Standard Education System (ISO-9001 certified for educational support system).

10 reasons why ARENA Multimedia is a better choice over conventional IT Institutes:

1. ARENA is an Apple Computer (Worldwide Leader in multimedia design and development preferred training partner).

2. ARENA is the largest training network of Macromedia Inc.

3. Professional Graphic skills students master here (in multimedia & web) enhances his/her worth in the market for sure.

4. Student at ARENA gets a fabulous chance of starting a business of his/her own well before even finishing the two-year Professional Diploma Course in Multimedia or Web.

5. A six-month certificate course at ARENA can even start his/her professional career.

6. ARENA Graduates are well respected by employers - by National or Multinationals alike and are employed at major responsibility oriented positions, both in Pakistan and abroad.

7. ARENA provides unlimited multimedia career opportunities as Digital Graphic Designer, Media Specialists, Visual Effects Designer, Art Consultants, Audio & Video specialists, Multimedia Author, Animators, Set & Costume Design Consultants.

8. Further Options with ARENA are in careers include — Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Architecture, Product Design, Corporate Presentations, Content Development.

9. ARENA offers high-end training in Animation, employed by Hollywood for its blockbuster movies, resulting in introduction of Pakistani students to global digital animation industry, which will generate US$ 70 BILLION by 2005.

10. ARENA courses are taught at more than 250 locations across the globe and at 10 locations in Pakistan currently.


ARENA placement cell continually seeks career opening for students through close interaction with multimedia and publication organizations. Complete assistance is provided to the students through communication and personality development sessions about Resume writing, presentation skills and appearing for the interviews before getting them placed in top ranking organizations. Exposure is provided for industry trends and corporate data by arranging a platform for discussion with senior professionals from industry, on various technology issues.

In nut shell student services including career placement, career counseling, internship, seminars by experts to enhance the skills, industry visit to give exposure to the practical experience and job data bank are provided to the students at the centers.

The success of the national and international partnerships leverage heavily on the capabilities of an outstanding team of over 250 Academic Administrators and Quality assurance professionals who work as an integral part of business world. More than 250 centers are working worldwide thus making ARENA — Aptech's fastest growing network of training centers. All these centers focus extensively on multimedia technology.

Brief Introduction about ARENA Partners In Pakistan:


Mr. Arshad Khalil CEO & Master Franchisee ARENA Multimedia in Pakistan.

KTF Education is the Master Franchisee for ARENA in Pakistan, which started the first formal International Digital Graphic and Multimedia institute in March, 1998 on Shahra-e-Faisal. Being the first IT international center, it created great reputation, awareness and importance of Multimedia in Pakistan.

This center has state of the art infrastructure providing well-equipped facilities such as air-conditioning, computer lab, counseling etc. The center has always been actively involved in healthy curricular and extra curricular activities for the students and frequently organizes seminars, personality development sessions, student competitions, concerts and other fun activities. Placement activities are going along with education and 3 to 5 of our students are placed every month in big organizations such as Citibank, Aga Khan Hospital, Shell, Laxson, Xerox, Kodak, Interflow, Jin Technologies and many more. Quality Education is our main objective. It have a team of Professionals to assist the students. Its total strength of students is 588 in which 167 are currently studying. It has 6 training executive, 2-system administrator with 2 marketing and 1 academic people. A placement head, academic head as well as a Center Head who look after the whole operation of the Center.


TALENTFIELD (TF) is the name of Franchisee of ARENA for Arena Center at Clifton Schon Circle. As an enterprise evolved and set up by Mr. Anis A. Zuberi who has rich experience in systems and associated disciplines having started his career as a business analyst with a world class multinational working through a wide range of business management functions in the same company. The richness of his experience gave him the ability to design, develop the organization which does an excellent job as an ARENA Franchisee.

ARENA Clifton was awarded "The best growing Center" award for the year 2000. ARENA Clifton obtained City Administrations permission to organize "IT WALK " in Clifton on May 02, 2001. It involved a great deal of planning, promotion and arranging the event. The students and all ARENA Clifton faculty and staff worked hard to make this first-ever-IT walk in Karachi a big success.


Millennium Education is a sister concern of The Millennium established in 1997. They signed up as the Third Franchisee of ARENA in Pakistan on 9th November. The centre is now recognized as Arena Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

Till date they have enrolled over 450 students in a period of 22 Months, out of them 150 students are passed out. ARENA Gulshan has Mashallah a team of more than 30 personnel, who had played a key role of its quality & services.

ARENA Gulshan has been awarded for the Highest Enrollments, Highest Billing, & High Collection for the Year 2000. They have three computer labs equipped with multimedia Personal Computers & Macintosh iMac Series Machines, with a several No. of Color Printers, scanners & CD-ROM Writers.

It has a unique Auditorium Facility with a high resolution Multimedia Projector & Sound System. They are providing our students the utmost facilities under one roof, few of them are Series of Workshops (every Sunday), Industrial visits, Seminars, Skill Development Sessions, Personality Development Sessions, & Presentations.

ARENA Gulshan organized several healthy entertainment events for its student including; Picnics, one dish parties, Movie shows & singing competitions are few of them. Arena Gulshan students participated in the Dawn IT Expo held in 2000 & were proudly awarded certificates from Dawn group of Newspaper.


Arena Multimedia, North Nazimabad is operated by the leading financial group of Pakistan "Al-Mal Corporation Ltd". It was inaugurated on the 14th of January 2001 and since then has managed to enroll over 250 students in a short span of 20 months. Situated in the quiet and peaceful vicinity of Block H of North Nazimabad it is an addition to the other international chains like Pizza Hut and KFC in the area.

Al Mal Corporation Ltd. being the parent company to Modaraba al Mali, and Al Mal Securities and Services Ltd. the leading leasing Modaraba and stock brokerage house in Karachi established Al Mal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for its first venture of ARENA Multimedia North Nazimabad Centre. The Chief Executive and Vice Chairman Mr. Maqbool Hussain of Al Mal Corporation is the main visionary and think tank who strives to bring Al Mal to meet the challenges and opportunities of 21st Century. The other leading names on the board of directors of Al Mal include Syed Iradat Hussain, Mr. Ahmed Dada, Mr. Azeem Khan and Mr.Maqbool Hussain who need no introduction in the field of international banking, financial services and trade.

The Centre has its own generator facility and all classes are fully air-conditioned to provide complete peace of mind learning for its students. The under development library holds volumes on latest versions of books and CDs on information technology. The learning at the Centre includes the audio visual aid of multimedia technology.

The Centre continues the support from international and local software houses being a project of Al Mal. Students are sent for internships and projects depending upon scholastic record and talent. Till recently student who have completed their 6-month semester are working for leading names like Interflow and Kodak. Projects done by a majority of students include patronage of organizations such as Habib Oil Mills, Pearl Continental Hotel and McDonalds.

The motto of the team at ARENA Multimedia North Nazimabad Centre is simple and self-explanatory for its future direction " Slow and steady wins the race". The Centre wishes to be the Centre of Excellence for quality multimedia and Web learning for years to come.


The primary objective of operationalizing this IT-centre, of highest repute and excellence, near Mazar-e-Quaid, was to cater a facility, for the dwellers of the area i.e. Garden, Guru Mundur, Soldier Bazaar, Cosmopolitan Society, and Mazar-e-Quaid. Hence we have fulfilled a need, and the people of the area, have highly appreciated, for the establishment of this professional IT-centre.

Major reasons for selecting, Arena Bagh-e-Quaid Centre, for the Multimedia courses by the students

The reasons for choosing the Arena Bagh-e Quaid centre by the students, are far-more, and are outlined as under:

- The center is located at a central place, which is easily accessible from all areas of metropolitan;

- Its learning and teaching environment is highly conducive and arouse the students to give preference to our centre, for admission, as compared to other centers;

- Its highly-placed faculty makes greater focus on students to perceive the lessons, and practical demonstrations;

- Students who complete a 12-month course, with remarkable scoring, qualify for the placement on a suitable job, in a highly professional organization, of highest repute and excellence;

- Students have free access to net usage, for over two hours;

- Students have been given an incentive, to include their names in the draw — of motor-bike, who may take admission in a 12-month course;

- Most remarkably all the computers in lab are, Pentium-III and IV, providing high powered, state-of-the-art computers, with a view, to work with greater efficiency and productivity;

- Highly placed professional counselors, give free career counseling, enabling a student to choose a befitting course, according to his/her mental inclination and aptitude that may play a decisive role, in ameliorating student's career.


Alfareed Education took the franchise of Arena on November 12, 2000. This center is situated in one of the most populated area of Karachi. It is imparting high quality multimedia education with all the latest facilities for its students. It's not only the academics, but also the extra curricular activities for the students are being organized very often by the management. The center recently moved to its new premises, which provides the same quality of international standard IT education with now more powerful labs and bigger classes and fully air-conditioned environment.


Seaplus in partnership with ARENA Multimedia is catering the whole range of Multimedia Courses in Gulistan-e-Johar. Our Commitment to quality education and creating awareness among people of GJ about Information Technology and its future is our importantly spreading in all directions. With the dynamic leadership of Mr. Arshad Khalil and Captain Mohammad Saeed Fakher has been a driving force in part of this commitment.

The Center was commissioned in April 2001 and has seen progressive growth throughout this time. The center consists of a fully equipped laboratory with latest Pentium Based machines and server. The staff is a combination of a dedicated team of Counselors and Faculty members in order to maintain quality service and teaching methodology, which is a hallmark of ARENA Multimedia worldwide. Like other centers, Gulistan-e-Johar Center provides all the courses as prescribed by the Network Office and is in a constant phase of up gradation as the need arises. Being ARENA Multimedia means to be the best since it is the most basic requirement of being a part of the family.

As a part of a commitment Arena Gulistan-e-Johar leaves no opportunity to conduct seminars, workshops and different events that vigorously helps in the enhancement of education and knowledge among the people. With constant visits to schools, colleges, universities we are providing direction and resolve.


The last center which was launched in Karachi under the banner of ARENA Multimedia was at Defence. The center is run by Mr. Salman Hanif of Sal-Im International which is one of the biggest importers of printing equipments and machinery in Pakistan. The center is strategically located at the hub of commercial activity on main Khy-e-Ittehad Defence.

ARENA Defence stands as the pioneer of Multimedia Education in the Area. It has the latest state of the high tech computers including iMac's and Pc's. The energetic and young team of ARENA Defence lays emphasis on the promotion of quality IT education and has created a great deal of awareness with international recognition for the center. The interior has been to envisage a student friendly atmosphere and to create an ambience, which will breed a whole new generation of Multimedia and web professionals.


Abdullah Vision took the ARENA franchise in Hyderabad on April 18, 2001.This is the first ARENA center in Hyderabad and 10th in all over Pakistan. This is one of its kind center in the city. It is situated on the 6th floor of State Life Building. This center is providing quality IT education and is not only catering the needs of the Hyderabad people, but also the need of those from the other areas of Sindh. Mr. Irfan Qureshi is the brain behind the whole planning in providing this great facility to a city like Hyderabad.


Launched last year ARENA Lahore is situated in the heart of commercial zone of Lahore in Cavalry Ground Area. In a record period of 10 months ARENA Lahore has attracted tremendous attention among students and professionals alike. The center has been successfully catering the needs of multimedia education with its quality education in keeping up ARENA's Leading International Stature in Multimedia and Animation. With the latest course of ADIM (Advance diploma in multimedia) Lahore ARENA has extended an excellent opportunity to master the field of multimedia as utilized internationally by giants like Hollywood, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers etc.