The top ten means the organization with maximum earning


Aug 19 - 25, 2002


Whom would you consider placing on the top ten list Hint: Go for American pop singer Madonna for her song " Don't cry for me Argentina".(Altho Argentineans are crying for more of wages and less of Devaluation ).

Pick the American CEO's or accountant of Enron who are taking refuge under fifth amendment(American version not Pakistani)i.e Right to remain silent.

KESC bill fixing accountants can be a good choice for designing such a bill which contains all charges , Surcharges and additional surcharge and after due date missed charge. May be the Enron and KESC 's accountants gone to the same school.

Look for corruption heavyweights called Sub Registrar without whose signature no property in the city could be registered. Their rates vary according to location and powers more than CBR chief.

See if hyper expensive eateries in Zamzama neighbourhood could fit in. How about considering the band called FunDaMental for their song Erotic terrorism for its hostile beats and digitized noise. Any song on terrorism has special appeal with George Bush and Powell even GB is known for memorizing all songs on terrorism written by Pakis and Afghans. He wants to find Osama element.

If you have any problem in getting US visa try writing a song something like

Visa Terrorism. Select words like Don't cry for me, Saddam. I hate you (the end could be like). Never try to ring me on 492 44-(Put your phone nos). Dub it with music from Rock N Roll call someone in America and sing Elvis Presley style. If you don't have American connection try Castro office in Cuba and get it recorded in his voice mail or try Exterminator Sharon mail. Israel.com. Don't use this route if you are named after Arafat. The fastest way to send information to Americans is to send mail at Castro or Saddam address , it will get hacked to Bush oval office if he likes the song the local chapter of FBI will deliver visa at your home.

In business world its different ball game the top ten means the organization with maximum earning. Lets see who are they.


The world's top ten largest industrial and service companies according to published rating by Fortune magazines are WalMart, the US retailer with revenues of $220 billion topping the list followed by Exxon Mobil 192 billion. General Motors the big Automobile manufacturer with 177 billion dollars ranking fourth. In Europe, BP invested heavily in retailing and made 174 billion in revenues , followed by Auto giant Ford Motor with 162 billion then disgraced Enron reported $139 billion putting it in sixth place. Daimler Chrysler with 136 closely followed by Royal dutch/shell revenues of 135 billion. The ninth position went to General Electric with 126 billion and last but not the least was Toyota Motor with 121 billion dollars in revenue.

The key reason for America's resurgence is INNOVATION. Many U.S companies were not putting enough in R&D in the 1980's. But by cutting costs and adapting rapidly to the changes in a very competitive business environments inside and abroad they became competitive. In 1995 the four biggest companies on the list were Japanese, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Itochu, and Sumitomo.

This year only one Japanese company Toyota makes the cut. One of the main reason for Japan's decline is the state of its banks. Since the property burst in the early 1990's Japan Banks have been plagued with bad loans.

There are three European Companies BP, Royal Dutch/shell and Daimler Chrysler.


If you look at top Asia's 50 , Its all Japanese except for six south Korean's Giant and four Chinese companies. One Indian company Indian Oil with revenue of 20,915.5 million dollars occupy 47th position with Toyota Motors at the top of the list.

If you look at the 500 global list you can find names like Nokia. The Finnish mobile phone maker which is the standard -bearer of the cellphone industry.

Chinese companies are making their way in 1995 only three Chinese companies were in the Global 500 list, this year eleven Chinese companies are in the list.

South Korea once known as Asian Miracle has 12 companies in the Global 500.

What so special about them :

If one wants to know what makes Toyota Motor so special, look at what they are doing at their Karachi plant . Toyota Production System is name of the game. It basically develops from a Mutual trust between management and employees and results in employees satisfaction. Production from these satisfied internal customer through principles of Just in time and JIDOKA( meaning work is stopped immediately when the problem occurs and start again after the abnormality is removed) resulting in customer Satisfaction. Toyota is known for Kaizen (Continuous improvement) and suggestion system. Maximum number of suggestion comes in Toyota set up as compared to other automakers.

In Pakistan Suggestion system is not being effectively used specially in Public sector organization. In one such joint the suggestion box was kept so high that a ladder was required to reach it.(Catch me if you can).

Can the Minister of production find out the number of suggestions given by employees in state owned organization and what happened to them. (I know its none).


If you want to benchmark, look at Walmart computerized Inventory management system it is be all and end all. All the inventories are so tracked through networking is that as soon as the material is taken out of the shelf the computer would know and try to replenish. Perfect example of Just in Time. Had our utilities stores still working it could have benefited from such an approach. The field of departmental stores is still open in Pakistan some Entrepreneur should catch it.


General Electric among the global ten has made its name largely due to the leadership of its past CEO Jack Welch. Several case studies have been made on his leadership style and taught in business School abroad and in Pakistan. The only error he made was when lady editor of a top Business magazine went to interview Jack .He got berserk.

Automobile Giants: Ford, General Motors are name to reckon with. Modern Management techniques, Innovation was the tools practiced. The same could be learnt by Automakers in Pakistan which made record sales this year. Well Done and Keep it up. Make quality is job number one as your mission .