Aug  19 - Aug 25, 2002   
ISSUE # 33  

As an annual feature, people of Pakistan celebrated the 55th Independence Day with all fervour and zeal. People at the helm of affairs also made usual claims of bringing back the country on the right track. It is however yet to be seen that when the endless track leading towards peace and prosperity comes to an end. Unlike the governments in the past, the present team has achieved substantially during last three years. Let us hope that the newly elected government due in October this year would also strengthen the existing policies because consistency in policies is of vital importance for building up confidence of the investors in Pakistan.


Karachi hosted the prestigious ITCN Asia 2002 exhibition for second consecutive year this month. It also had its first Technology Park last week. The recent developments not only sent a positive image of the city worldwide but are also seen as catalysts for change with reference to role of IT in the city's economy. They have also expected to serve as a spring board for potential investment and absorption of professional workforce to give the much needed boost to the local IT industry.


The motive behind implementation of crop insurance is to achieve twin objectives, minimizing the risk of farmers and hedging the risk of financial institutions. However, the objective cannot be achieved without making crop insurance mandatory and sharing of burden by all the stakeholders the GoP, financial institutions and farmers.