IT program for the younger generation to march into the future

July 29 - Aug 04, 2002 



Despite the fact that the IT fever which had once taken the entire globe into its grip has started subsiding however, one can easily predict without fear of contradiction that this cutting edge technology has yet to see the real height it deserves.

While looking into the reasons for the current setback to the IT growth one finds that it was due to the economic recession in the United States in the aftermath of September 11 events resulting in the bankruptcy of some leading IT giants. These developments have naturally sent some negative signals around the world. The depressing conditions however are of the temporary nature and things will start moving upward with the picking up of the economic conditions especially in the US.

As far as growth of IT in Pakistan was concerned still we have to go a long way to avail the benefits of this wonderful technology in our social and economic life.

There was a mushroom growth of IT institutes at every corner and street of all the major cities of Pakistan it is however unfortunate that a very few amongst them were equipped to impart IT education in accordance to the market demand. While rest of the institutes jumped into the arena just for making money in the name of the IT education without laying a strong foundation necessary for building up the edifice of knowledge. Consequently, a large number of people came out on the road looking for a job with an IT diploma or Degrees in their hands.


A study of the outcome of our existing computer education system at school level shows that computer training/studies at school level has no market value. Actually, schools do not bridge the computer studies at school level and IT courses at professional level hence leaving various flaws in the computer training provided to the children at schools.

Diagnosing the real problem, the, sponsored by the Kalia Group of Companies, has come out with a spirit to spread the world standard computer training and education to the grass root level purely on national interest.

Hanif Kalia, Chairman Kalia Group of Companies told PAGE that SITE @ Schools is an IT education program aimed at providing proper IT education with appropriate tools at the school level.

"Our aims to knit the schools of the town in a comprehensive and interactive network of IT education program to develop a strong foundation of IT knowledge at school level which would ultimately help producing professional IT education at higher stage. This would be career oriented IT education right from primary level".

Hanif Kalia said with a sense of confidence that this program will design and develop an IT education system to groom our youth to come up to the requirement of the future professional studies. One of the most important roles the SITE @ Schools has to play is the creation of an e-bridge between IT Education imparted at schools and at professional level.

Hanif Kalia said that this program has been launched in collaboration with National and Multinational Organizations. It is aimed at providing our future leaders a base, direction with clarity of mind to march into the future. Those organizations which have joined hands for this noble cause are including Karachi City Government, Sindh Board of Technical Education, Fourth R Inc. USA, International Society for Technology in Education, Skill Development Council, British Computer Society UK, Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants USA, NICAS-UK and MILC-UK.


KalPoint plans to bring world's best organization at the doorstep which would rejuvenate a new educational era where time and energy would be saved and matters would be dealt authentically without any hassle. The SITE @ Schools based on following two versions:

Regular version: Designed in collaboration with Fourth R. Inc USA and Certification/Endorsement by Sindh Board of Technical Education. Credit of School IT education in advance IT studies, Teachers Resource manuals for each level to deliver uniform quality of education, Teachers training, Immaculate Quality Assurance System, Appropriate and easily accessible software for kids training Designing Interactive Website (online home-work and results) for member schools, Leasing and financial services to update the computer labs.

Optional version: Additional Equivalence and credit of regular curriculum by Skill Development Council, Additional certification of regular curriculum by NICASUK, Optional Curricula for advance studies/Certification/Accreditation/Credit by the recognized Government and International bodies.

The most outstanding feature of this computer education program supported by the national International Organizations is that it is based purely on human values and to pave the correct way leading to higher computer knowledge. A very nominal cost is charged to promote IT education at schools, as on average monthly fee per student is Rs20/- only.