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For The Record

By Syed M.Aslam
Jan 21 - 27, 2002

*** "IT'S BEEN A DIFFICULT period because all of a sudden George W. Bush is the star of Frank Capra movie."

(Democratic strategist David Axelrod saying President George W. Bush's popularity is the single most detriment for the opposition Democratic Party to criticize the Republican President failure to address the domestic problems. Capra movies had a feel-good common man theme)

*** "THAT'S THE EXTRAORDINARY thing about flattery; even if you know it's flattery, you're still flattered."

(US magazine columnist Richard Stengel claiming that flattery lies in human genes in his book 'You're too kind: A brief history of flattery')

*** "OTHER COUNTRIES will not take lectures about the so-called new world order from a British prime minister who cannot deliver basic services run by his own failing government."

(Leading UK Conservative opposition Member of Parliament, Bernard Jenkin, criticising prime minister Tony Blair for not paying attention to rising domestic problems)

*** "HOW DOES (BUSH) dare speak to our nation in such a manner? We do not take your orders even when you enjoyed immense influence in Iran. Our people humiliated and kicked out the Americans and their local lackies."

(Influential former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani calling US President George W. Bush 'rude and impudent' for using derogatory language to threaten Iran for assisting the US in its 'war against terror')

*** "HAD I NOT been Chinese, I never would have been accused of espionage and threatened with execution."

(Naturalized US nuclear weapons scientist, Wen Ho Lee, accusing the Washington of racism for singling him out for prosecution amid allegations of spying for China. He was never charged and the government ultimately dropped all but one of the 59 charges of mishandling weapons data at Los Alamos nuclear laboratory)

*** "AT A TIME when political correctness is valued over honesty, I would just like to say ... everyone is a winner."

(US pop singer Madonna hosting the Britain's highest prize for art, the Turner awards)

*** "WAS HE POISONED perhaps? Has the stress of fighting the war on terrorism while fending off inquiries about the collapse of his friend Ken Lay's Enron overwhelmed him? Was there maybe some family tiff?

(British daily The Independent's editorial titled 'Hard to Swallow' questioning the official version of US President George W. Bush's choking on a pretzel)

*** "... the government is worried that diplomatic pressure is going to mount on India, and if we don't find some concessions, India can be projected as the warmonger."

(An Indian analyst expressing concerns that failure to match Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf's radical concessions by India would result in the West's turning up the heat)

*** "NO ONE has the right to interfere in our (internal) issues or dictate us ... the American demand for us to change our curriculum just because there were Saudis aboard the hijacked planes is illogical."

(Saudi Arabian Education Minister Muhammad Al-Rasheed denying overhauling the curriculum of schools under pressure from the US and some other Western countries)

*** "So many people ask me why I changed my name from Cassius Clay to Mohammed Ali ... Chinese people get Chinese names, Russian people get Russian names. All people have names that fit them. But Blacks in America get names like George Washington ... 'Ask yourself what's your name? We have names."

(Legendary boxing champion Muhammed Ali accepting explaining why he changed his name after converting to Islam at a ceremony accepting his star on famed Hollywood Boulevard)