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Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) was privatized in early nineties and since then has been going through major restructuring programme. A commendable feature is that unlike other public sector banks, MCB carried out the restructuring at its own initiative and without financial assistance from the government. Now it is well positioned to reap the benefits. The decline in provisioning requirements, revamped treasury and improved balance sheet strength have a positive impact on net profit after tax, which has registered persistent increase on year to year basis. Yet efforts are being made to achieve new levels of excellence.

Member states at the recently concluded Saarc Summit reaffirmed their commitment to fostering good neighbourly relations, relieving tensions and building confidence. Summit agreed to the vision of a phased and planned process eventually leading to a South Asian Economic Union. A regionally agreed investment framework to meet investment needs of the member states and to finalize the draft of the free trade treaty by the end of this year.

PTCL slashed the bandwidth tariff from $ 15,000 to $ 6,000 per month from the first of this month. However there is a catch the bandwidth rate stays unchanged at $ 15,000 per month though the price now include 5 megabits of data transfer per second instead of 2 mbps previously. The move allows PTCL to fix the rate at $, 15,000 minimum as it does not allow the users to buy a 2mb circuit, or a variation thereof, which in case of a real reduction could have cost many small ISPs an affordable $ 6,000.

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