July 15 - 21, 2002


PECHS Education Foundation a non-profit organization was founded in 1964 with the aim to provide at an affordable cost quality education at all levels, especially in the fields of science and technology and business management.

The Foundation embarked upon an ambitious project of raising a business school with the name and title of the Institute of Management and Computer Sciences (IMCS), in 1999. The Institute is located in Block VI of the PECHS on Imam Ahmad Road.

The first phase of construction that included seven classrooms, library, two computer laboratories, seminar room, administrative offices, with a total covered area of 13,000 square feet, was completed in November 1999. This capacity can adequately cater for the needs of over 200 students at a time.

Regular classes in basic computer science started at the Institute in June 2000, while BCS and BBA Degree programs, in affiliation with the University of Karachi, started in February 2001 and January 2002 respectively.

The Institute has since been affiliated to the University of Karachi for the award of BCS and BBA Degrees. Accordingly, it conducts courses designed by the University, and the University staff closely monitors the classroom instructions and the laboratory work of the students. Highly qualified faculty is selected to teach at the Institute in consultation with and under the supervision of the University in order to maintain academic standards at par with those of the University and of other affiliated institutions of repute.

Lately, the IMCS has rejuvenated its activities. The team is reorganized, laboratories are refurbished, library is being replenished, fee structure has been reviewed and revised downward, and sport activities are being reoriented under the dynamic leadership of its Dean and Director Professor S. Sabir A. Jaffery. With Professor Jaffery heading the team of dedicated faculty, the Institute is heading fast towards its goal.


The Foundation plans to upgrade the IMCS to the status of a full-fledged university by the year 2005. An open space measuring approximately 160,000 sq. ft. is available within the campus in which IMCS is situated. To meet the requirements of a multi-faculty degree awarding organization, the Foundation plans to construct on this piece of land a covered area of about 10,000 sq, ft. each year up to 2005.


The IMCS stands committed to the motto that may be transliterated as under:

To provide world class education and training in Management and Computer Sciences, commensurate with the challenges of time, and to achieve excellence through innovative strategies with due emphasis on ethical and moral values.


The Institute is housed in a spacious building constructed on a plot sized 20,000 square yards with a covered area of 13,000 sq. ft. The building is surrounded by a vast open space to provide ample opportunities for sports and other extra curricular activities of the students. A resume of some of the facilities offered by the Institute is given in the following paragraphs.

CLASSROOMS: There are seven classrooms, each with a capacity to accommodate 40 students. The class size is kept small in order to facilitate personal attention to each student. All the classrooms are air- conditioned, and are fully furnished and equipped with the latest teaching aids.

COMPUTER LABORATORIES: The computer laboratories of the Institute are equipped with the latest Pentium Personal Computers. All these machines are linked up in Local Area Network. Latest versions of all the essential software have been acquired in their branded shape for meeting the training requirements of students. IMCS plans to establish a Software House within its own premises to start real life projects very soon. Internet and E-mail facilities are available to all the students against nominal payment.

Library: The library of the Institute is well stocked with the essential text and reference books and professional journals and periodicals. More books are being inducted in the library to meet the emerging needs of faculty and students.

SPORTS AND ALLIED FACILITIES: The Institute has its own playgrounds for cricket and volleyball. A ground for basketball is also in the making. There is a students' cafeteria within the premises of the Institute, and a photocopying corner is being established inside the cafeteria. There is also a computer club that promotes the development of quality software, and arranges software competitions on local and national levels. Further, a literary and social activities club has been established to arrange debates, declamations, quiz competitions, seminars, and to undertake social activities, such as, organizing of social evenings, get-togethers, and excursion trips for the students.

TRANSPORT AND PICK & DROP SERVICE: Efforts are under way to make public transport available at the doorstep of the Institute by getting an existing bus route diverted / extended. Simultaneously, negotiations are being made with private transporters to provide pick and drop facility to and from certain localities, which, of course, shall be subject to adequate number of users. In the meantime, arrangements have been made for a shuttle service to operate between the turning point on Shahra-e Faisal and the Institute, and back, at specified timings.

FACULTY AND SUPPORT STAFF: The IMCS has been provided with dedicated and competent faculty. The faculty members are specialists in different fields of knowledge. They are committed to consul and guide the students through classroom sessions, projects supervision, tutorials, and personal contact on individual basis. The support staff of the Institute is student-friendly and most willingly provides all sorts of support services as may be required to enhance the educational standards.

STUDENTS' AFFAIRS: At IMCS individual and collective development of students is ensured through proper plans, policies, and procedures to be implemented by a high-powered Students' Affairs Committee. The process begins with the evaluation of the applicants for admission and continues till graduation. The Admission Committee prepares a profile of each acceptable candidate in terms of age, education, and extra-curricular achievements, strengths, weaknesses, family background, hobbies, inter-personal skills; and potential for growth. These informations are correlated with the academic performance of students and their behavior on and off the campus.

Students facing adjustment problems are provided with necessary counseling, while those with extra ordinary talents are particularly looked after to ensure proper utilization of their traits for their own good and for the betterment of the society as a whole. Moreover, they are encouraged and guided to organize themselves into societies / clubs / committees etc. to develop team spirit, and to assume key positions in these organizations to supplement and complement their leadership qualities.