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Gomal Zam Dam and Mirani Dam would be completed in four years time

July 08 - 14, 2002

Fourteen new water reservoirs projects are planned to be launched during the current financial year at a total cost of over Rs.19 billion and to be completed in 2/3 years. An allocation of Rs. 6 billion has been made in the current year (2002-2003) budget. These projects on completion will help in overcoming the shortage of irrigation water in the country and resolve the water dispute amongst the provinces.

These projects, which have been jointly worked out by the Planning and Development Division, Ministries of Water and Power and Food & Agriculture are in addition to 4 mega water projects announced by the president last year to be completed in next 4 to 7 years. These are Gomal Zam Dam, Mirani Dam, Sindh Rainy Flow Water Canal and Kacchi canal. These projects will be completed at a cost of Rs. 36 billion approximately.

Gomal Zam Dam and Mirani Dam would be completed in four years time as tenders for the construction of these dams had already been awarded.

Chinese Company will construct Gomal Zam Dam, which have made innovative changes in the designs of this dam, bringing the cost of the project down to Rs. 4.3 billion that was initially estimated at Rs. 12.8 billion. The qualified consultants approved the changes in the design of Gomal Zam Dam. The capacity of the dam is 1.4 million acre feet and this dam would irrigate an area of 1,63,000 acres.

Mirani Dam will be constructed by Descon Pakistan at the cost of Rs. 4.25 billion. The estimated cost of the project was Rs. 5.86 billion but in an open tender Descon won the bid being the lowest one. Descon will be first national company, which would construct dam in the history of the country. Earlier, no national company had constructed dam in Pakistan.

The groundbreaking ceremony of 178 kilometres long Sindh Rainy Flood Water Canal would be held in August this year and this project would be completed in five to six years at an estimated cost of Rs. 10 billion. This canal will irrigate 412000 acre of land in Sindh province. The raising of Mangla Dam height by 40 feet is another mega project which has been undertaken to increase the water storage capacity of the Dam by 3.1 million acres feet besides generation of additional 180 MW electricity

According to an official document the new projects include Kacchi Canal Project in Balochistan. The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 4.2 billion. The planning division (PD) is, however, seeking Rs. 400 million for this project in the next PSDP. The project will provide irrigation facilities for 513,000 acres of land. During 2002-2003 cost of land for canal length of 60 miles and 400 feet wide strip would be made.

The second project Sabakazai Dam Project will be built in Zhob, Balochistan. The total estimated cost of the project has not yet been worked out. There is demand of Rs. 150 million for this project during this year; however, the PD has not yet recommended any allocation in the PSDP 2002-2003.

Rainy Canal Project, Sindh will be launched with an estimated total cost of Rs 2 billion. The PD recommends an allocation of Rs. 300 million for this project during next financial year. Rainy Canal will irrigate almost 260,000 acres of land.

Another project Installation of Telemetric System for Indus Basin Irrigation System will cost a total Rs. 450 million and the PD wants the government to allow the full amount for this project during the current financial year. This project would lead to the installation of electric devices at barrages and canal head works (100 per cent) for measuring gates position and water levels. It would also facilitate the installation of data communication system for online monitoring besides the installation of computers for analysis of data for presentation to concerned authorities.

Chasma Right Bank Canal project is being launched with an estimated cost of Rs. 9.2 billion. The PD has recommended Rs. 135 million in the next PSDP for this project. Kurram Tangi Dam Canal, whose estimated total cost stands at Rs. 2.8 billion, is recommended to get Rs. 150 million next year.

Irrigation System Rehabilitation project is being launched in Sindh requiring a total of Rs. 10 billion. The PD seeks Rs. 2 billion for this project in the financial year under the PSDP. Lining of Channels in Punjab is the project requiring an estimated cost of Rs. 21 billion out of which it is recommended to get Rs. one billion in the PSDP 2002-2003. This project will do the lining of 7308 kms canal with 1200 cusecs capacity in saline zone to save 0.886 MAF of water.

Punjab Barrages Modernisation project worth estimated Rs 5 billion has been recommended to get only Rs. one billion in the current year. This project would modernise six barrages in phase-I and seven barrages in phase-II.

Sadpara Multipurpose Project is being launched in Skardu, Northern Areas, with an estimated cost of Rs. 2 billion, Rs. 248 million have been proposed for this project this year. Another project-Drought Management Plan is being launched with a total estimated cost of Rs. 40 million; however, it is recommended Rs 24 million in the next PSDP.