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Pakistan's paper & printing industry has achieved the status of quality products, which is recognized all over the world. The local industry has become a reliable source for printing quality labels for garment industry for the developed world. Taiwan industry is getting the job of transfer labels done from Pakistan. It is however surprising that despite having a strong technology base; this industry has been neglected in the country. So far no database has been developed regarding potential and performance of the industry. Scattered information reveals that the industry is earning around $6-8 million through exports. It, however, has the potential to make a noticeable change in the export scenario of the country, provided the industry is facilitated with proper guidelines and marketing support from the relevant government quarters.

In line with federal budget, the provincial budgets also aims at poverty alleviation through developmental projects. With the greater allocations for such projects there is a need for stringent monitoring to ensure optimum utilization of funds.

Pakistan's external trade has started to come out of the shadows of September 11. The exports which showed signs of slowing down have started showing signs of improvement in the recent months when they stood at $ 8.710 billion just 0.97 per cent less than the exports in the comparative period last year. Seafood, like all other exports, suffered heavily in the last quarter of the last year. Seafood exports are feared to remain low in fiscal 2001-02 ending June 30.


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