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Atiq R. Siddiqui,
A returnee Pakistani national poised 
to oversee the export expansion programmes
June 24 - 30, 2002

K & N's Poultry Farms after acquiring M-Artal Poultry International (this company name is however up for a change) in December 2001 is now all set to diversify by enhancing it's production, upgrading customer services, adding to the product range with value-added lines and increasing market share on both domestic and export fronts.

Mr. Khalil A. Sattar, a visionary in his own right, who has been in poultry business for almost four decades, has now very rightly plans to corporatize his setup with expansion and modernization of the sales and marketing elements of the business. Mr. Sattar the CEO and Chairman of K & N's Group is also the Chairman of Pakistan Poultry Association and is now contemplating to enter the export market with the premium quality concept in order to position Pakistani poultry products mainly in the Gulf countries where consumption per capita is seen to be amongst the few highest in the world. Afghanistan and Russian Peninsula is also the target market where Pakistan's proximity will be of advantage.

In view of the national search for new markets to broaden Pakistan's export base with products other than the only few traditionally old items, M-Artal has now taken on board a senior expatriate returnee from Saudi Arabia as Head of Exports to embark upon the task of developing this trade route.

Atiq R. Siddiqui who has brought with him twenty years of sales and marketing experience from Saudi Arabia having worked for a leading food company as the Vice-President and managed a roaring business in the Gulf countries, finds Pakistani poultry business at the threshold of change towards elevating the customer awareness with regard to quality.

He is of the view that the local market will grow and poultry offtake with extra quality consciousness amongst consumers will provide ample opportunity within the domestic market to improve upon the current status of poultry business from a primitive live bird sales to modern, hygienic and superior healthy chicken along with value-added range of products.

He further emphasizes that "In the new emerging global economic situation, Pakistan has to strengthen its newly acquired status of a viable state with a competitive exporting edge in the food and fruit sector".

He is very impressed to see a sea change in consumer attitude with respect to the food habits which is not only confined to the elite that is where one can see the modern and clean franchise chains doing brisk business.

The chefs' community of deluxe hotels while being very cost conscious yet prefer quality products and are willing to pay extra for premium and the same goes for housewives and institutional caterers.

-Saifur Rahman