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Information  Technology TRUTH ABOUT IT TRAINING



Institutes must think that they don't have to sell education and they have to give proper education then result will very positive.

By Engr M.K. KELLA
June 24 - 30, 2002

In the wake of the computer wave, it has become a craze, a fad for everyone to just join computer courses. Leave aside graduates or post-graduates, even failures in XI and XII and school dropouts rush for computer courses thinking there is "Big Future" for them in Computers. Even parents are carried away and shell out huge sums to satisfy this new found craze of their wards, thinking it is a prestige issue that their "grown up" boy/girl is very soon going to reap a big harvest in this "Gold Rush" of computers.

Now the computer fever has reached to a high pitch with more and more institutes vying with one another for a share of the market. There is a virtual "WAR" against the "Computer Crazy" from all directions.

The institutes - the big names or even smaller ones struggle hard to attract you. To add insult to injury, the courses have been extended from 1 year or 18 months to 2-3 years by cleverly reducing the frequency of classes in most cases from daily to thrice a week and from thrice a week to just twice or once a week.

  • Some institutes offer lot of attractions:

  • Free computer

  • Free printer or monitor

  • Free lunch

  • Free admission fee

  • Free one course by getting two admissions

  • Free motor cycle

  • Free car

It is just look like that they are selling education on shop. Then, how one can decide to get proper education?

There are institutes and institutes, each one trying to sell its own courses. It has been experienced by career aspirants at computer institutes; the counselors will try to sell him a computer course, irrespective of his aptitude. For example; if one goes to a fashion institute, they would sell him a fashion course whether or not the person has a creative mind to learn a subject such as fashion.

Some institutes always try to sell their high fees courses; even there may be no requirement of learner. Even some institutes get admissions with their personal relationship, so they don't worry about their training.


It was very difficult to select proper institute, but now days it is very difficult to select proper course.

Now days some institutes owners & professional are talking that IT is failed then how learners join this field. Even some small as well as large institutes are going to close or they are quitting their staff or reducing the salaries of staff, these things again keep negative impact for IT Education.

Basically students feel uncertainty to take admissions in those institutes.

Most of non-IT businessmen have started the institutes, so obviously they think about their business. They want to recover their money first. So results become bad quality of education.

Training centres just start variety of courses, and they do not think about the needs of those courses in market or industry. Basically there is a big gap between industry & training centres.

In every IT related meeting, they always try to discuss about drawbacks of teaching faculty or physical environment. No one discuss about proper career counseling. Teaching faculties is also very important but suppose student is not related to proper course then what will teacher do.

One more bad experience for students is that, which program they will select, if the institute offers same program from two authentic departments of one platform with different outlines. They become confuse. Result will be failure of program and then student will suffer.

We have loose lot of time in just discussion that what we have to do? Everyone comes forward and always discussion problem. Even he/she knows the solutions but don't start it. Actually nobody wants to use his/her shoulder and always blaming to others. Or even some one tries to do better then we catch his/her legs.

One very bad experience is that every one try to use personal friendship, even any institute is not capable to do some courses in affiliation with responsible departments, but with their personal links they do all those things and result a very bad impact on those courses. So, how do learners satisfy with this infra structure?

Every body uses IT with every course, like BIT, DIT, ADIT, CIT, BCSIT, MIT, MCSIT, BBAIT, MBAIT etc. May be now they will offer MBBS-IT, CA-IT, BDS-IT and with every course or everything, they will attach IT. (Like IT-Chiken, IT-Vegetable, IT-Rice etc.) I am not opposing IT field but I want to say there must proper use of IT. I am also IT person.

I am giving one example, if there is difference between BIT & BCSIT (Bachelor in Computer Science in IT, actually computer is part of IT) then there must difference between DCS & DIT, and DCS must be like DCSIT. Institutes have replaced DCS by DIT. If anyone can announce BIT & BCSIT separately then they can announce DIT & DCSIT separately.

Now days, success of institutes is called by number of admissions in DIT. Again reason goes to owners of institutes, because they were just taking admissions in DIT when it was started. They did not look anything for others. One thing more there was no check & control in admissions that is why they took every one in DIT. Those students who were very fresh, they did not follow DIT, and starting dropping.

THIS IS WHAT we call "COMPUTER LOOT" and this is what you should save yourself from! If your eyes are opened and mind enlightened, the purpose of this article is served.

What is the objective of putting all these facts before readers is a million dollar question??? Do we imply one should not learn Computers? Secondly, are we against Computer institutes?

Well, the answer is, we do recommend learning computers, but after correctly knowing or being guided as to what extent and at what cost. Obviously when I am for Computer education, how can I be against Computer institutes?


If all the institutes tell the interested students about the various career options available and leave the decision of selection to them and let them choose what is best suited for him. At times we do give free Career Counseling to help them decide more correctly.

Institutes must think that they don't have to sell education and they have to give proper education then result will very positive.

Institutes must set proper & strict prerequisite for every course.

Institutes must have a proper research & development centre.

Institutes must try to provide training with job or other facilities.

Institutes must provide application oriented training. At every stage they have to tell learners that this subject is applicable in this field. So once they finished course, they must be familiar that they have to apply themselves in proper fields.

Institutes must show the applications & features of every course before anyone joining that course then he/she take decision easily and get training with interest. Actually learners must know that after completing course, where will be they stand?

Institutes must include communication skills & personality development courses in Computer Education.

Institutes must update courseware time to time as well as according to market needs.

Institutes must update skills of teaching & other administrative staff.

Institutes must also update and maintain physical facilities.

Institutes must also announce some courses with the interaction of industry.

Institutes must follow same infrastructure (Course Outlines, Books, Fees, Physical Arrangement, etc.) if they run same diploma or course from same platform.

Institutes must do assessment of training with different methods (like Written Tests, Viva, Quizzes, Assignments, Presentations, Group Discussion and Online Practical Work).

If institutes want to survive then first they must think about the future of students.

Instead of talking & conducting meetings only, now institutes must start working properly and showing some thing to the world.

If anyone really wants to do something for learners then he/she must start it.

Rules & regulations must be followed very strictly.

We must be strict to give affiliation. We don't have to use personal friendship every where. We can suggest those friends to improve their infra structure.

Institutes must organize seminars for career counseling for various courses, but remember they just give features & output of courses. They must not think that they are doing marketing to get admissions. Let learners decide where they have to go for admissions. Learners must get proper information about courses & their future.

If non-IT businessmen want to open institutes then they must give institutes in hands of technical personnel and first think about to give proper education.

It is popular saying that if someone loves to anyone then he/she gives lot of time to that thing or person. It means institutes owners & their all staff must love the education & training then they can easily give lot of time to it.

I don't want to blame on anyone, but what ever is happening in IT field, I have given some facts. Actually, as an IT person, when I am looking our IT fellows are upset or those who want to join this filed but they don't have proper guidelines and they also confused, then I thought one should start something for it. It is saying that something is better than nothing. Firstly I started to conduct seminars/workshops and then writing articles. I also know that one can not do everything but by the grace of Allah and all computer lovers, I will continue it.

I will be glad to receive any query related to this article.
Engr. M. K. Kella mkkella@hotmail.com