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By Syed M.Aslam
June 17 - 23, 2002

*** "THEY (AMERICANS) ARE VIOLENT, but this imposition of violence or expression of violence cannot help America achieve its aims and succeed"

(Iran's supreme leader Ayotollah Ali Khamenei accusing the US of massacring innocent people in Afghanistan and its threatening rhetoric against his country)

*** "I AM ONE OF YOU. But I am also one of 'them.'"

(Muslim American bio-medical engineering student, Zayed Yasin, referring to his dual identities as a practicing Muslim and US citizen while delivering a speech titled 'American Jihad' at the commencement day of the Harvard Yale university)

*** "WHO ARE THEY to make fools of us?"

(One of over 70 delegates of Loya Jirga, the traditional consultation assembly, who walked out of the assembly gathered to chose new Afghan leader, expressing disgust over the lack of free vote. The delegates said that choices were being thrust upon them to chose US-backed interim leader, Hamid Karzai)

*** "BUSH IS CRAZY and he could attack us like he has done elsewhere."

(One of the one million protestors who participated in an anti-US rally in Havana, Cuba. The rally was led by President Fidel Castro and demanded the US to stop interfering in the country's affairs and to leave it alone)

*** "THE STRESS of juggling work, home and children is seriously damaging women's health. They have so little time to mentally and physically relax, which is vital for health."

(A survey showing that 94 per cent of Britain's working women are tired of Superwoman role models)

*** "WE WERE BETTER OFF under the Russians."

(Un-named villager's angry response to operations by US-led allied troops in Afghanistan which are resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians)

*** "$ 281.4 billion."

(Military spending by the US in 2001. US topped the list of 15 nations who collectively spent a whopping $ 772 billion on military last year)

*** "...should this conflict escalate and the two sides use nuclear weapons, 12 million people will be killed and another seven million will die afterwards."

(Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov warning of deaths of up to 20 million people if there were a nuclear war between India and Pakistan)

*** "POLICE DUSTED my flat for fingerprints but how will that help catch a chimp?"

(Victim of burglary in London in which prime suspect was a chimpanzee)

*** "ALTHOUGH AIR FARES to most European and U.S. destinations have been cut by almost half, would-be Saudi tourists are still opting for other countries, notably Muslim nations in south-east Asia."

(Executive of a major Saudi travel agency saying that tourists are dumping US and Europe due to anti-Muslim measures in the wake of September 11)

*** "SOME BAKERIES, especially those selling the subcontinental type of tandoori roti, wrap them in newspaper, which is unhygienic and poses risks to public health. Bakeries should pack the bread in proper plastic bags after it cools."

(Head of Sharjah Municipality's Public Health Section explaining the reason for crackdown on unhygienic foods)

*** "EDUCATION SHOULD BE treated as education. Definitely the decision will affect the IT industry especially that we are living the age of technology."

(Manager of an IT institute in UAE commenting on the US government decision to bar nationals from countries accused of supporting terrorism from certifying for the Microsoft Certified System Engineering programme. The embargoed countries are Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria)

*** "BUT TARGETTING CHILDREN in your quest for new customers is unlawful, shameful and will not be tolerated..."

(A Judge in Californian city of San Diego convicting tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds for trying to lure young smokers through advertisements. He fined the company $ 20 million)