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By Syed M.Aslam
June 10 - 16, 2002

*** "THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH ASIA continue to pay a very heavy price by the refusal of India to resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions and the wishes of the Kashmiri people."

(President Pervez Musharraf commenting on Indian threats of war at the 16-nation Almaty conference)

*** "IF THERE IS A NUCLEAR EMERGENCY in your area go indoors. Stay inside Switch on the radio/television and look out for public announcements from your local authority ... Return home, change/remove clothes ..."

(Nuclear drill posted on a local website by the Indian government)

*** "THEY MAKE MERCENARIES of these people, then put them in charge and expect a democratic government to emerge. You can't build a democracy based on bribery."

(Unnamed Western aid official commenting on bribing of the Afghan warlords by the US intelligence agency CIA to do the dirty work including killing of suspected terrorists)

*** "BEFORE THE MATCH, I told them I would like to bring some 10 guests, but they told me I could not do it ... Who do they think they are?"

(Governor of Saitama prefecture of Japan, the site of Japan's opening World Cup match, blasting football's world governing body FIFA as 'rotten')

*** "ABOUT 60 PER CENT of the press is controlled by Jews. Every three pages or so, you find Jewish propaganda."

(A high-ranking member of Polish opposition party 'Self Defence of the Polish People', Rafal Majewski, expressing concern about Jewish influence on Poland, particularly the threat posed by Ashkenazi Jews living in Israel who regard Poland as a 'safety net')

*** "THE ONLY THING I'm certain of is that everybody will be after my blood if we lose."

(Coach of French football squad expressing fears of physical harm if the defending champions lost their crucial game against Uruguay after suffering a shock defeat to Senegal in the opening match in the World Cup tournament. France managed to draw the match making it must for it to win the next match with Denmark to stay in the game)

*** "FOOTBALL IS A GAME and people have to be cunning."

(Brazil's star football player Rivaldo's comment after he was fined 10,000 Swiss francs for fake injury which helped his team win the match against Turkey)


(US President George W. Bush's alleged question to a stunned Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso during his visit to Washington in March 2001)

*** "MUHAMMAD, FATIMA AND OSAMA are Canadian names."

(Canada's frontline leader Alexa McDonough assuring Muslims in her country of equal rights at a Muslim Conference in Toronto)

*** "YOU HAVE TO induct new blood into the family."

(Unnamed Mafia source confirming launching of recruitment drive in New York even if from outside the traditional Italian-American community)

*** "SOME OF MY BUDDIES would not want to hear me say this, but I hope we are here indefinitely. I love these people."

(US Army Sergeant Mike Dickinson, a recent convert to Islam and the leader of a three psychological warfare specialists, stationed in Afghanistan)

*** "HOW CAN THERE BE A PEACE movement when, for most people in India, peace means a daily battle: for food, for water, for shelter, for dignity?"

(Award winning Indian novelist Arundhati Roy commenting on lack of interest in anti-nuke movements when for most Indians the idea of peace means bare survival)

*** "WE'RE very happy with it. It's an easy way of doing the job."

(An Australian sheep farmer welcoming the commercial launching of special protein which let the wool fall off sheep resulting in savings of immense monies and time)

*** "THEY (AMERICANS) ARE VIOLENT, but this imposition of violence or expression of violence cannot help America achieve its aims and succeed."

(Iran's supreme leader Ayotollah Ali Khamenei accusing the US of massacring innocent people in Afghanistan and its threatening rhetoric against his country)