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At present Professor Abdul Waheed Qureshi is Principal of COMMECS Institute of Business Education (CIBE). This Institute has been established by the old students of Government Commerce College. Professor Qureshi holds Masters Degree in English and Philosophy. Prior to joining COMMECS he was Principal of Government Commerce College, enjoying the distinction of being Pakistan's pioneer and most prestigious commerce education college. Professor Qureshi took an early retirement to be the first Principal of CIBE as back as September 1993. Professor Qureshi has been able to maintain superb quality of education being imparted at CIBE by motivating the student to face the ever increasing competition in the job market. The only evidence of his dedication is that since 1995 CIBE students have been taking top positions in Karachi Board examinations, with the exception of couple of years. CIBE also claimed nine out of top ten positions in a year

June 10 - 16, 2002

PAGE: You took an early retirement to join CIBE, what gave you the courage to take this bold step?

A. W. Qureshi: You must be fully aware that COMMECS Institute of Business Education (CIBE) has been established by old students of Government Commerce College, particularly those who graduated in year 1977. Initially the association of graduates was formed to as a forum of old students and to arrange regular get together. However, later on these boys also realized that they should establish an educational institution that can deliver superior quality education in commerce. I was able to read the level of their commitment and also decided to join them in the crusade against illiteracy. After nearly a decade of association, I feel not only proud of the achievements made by CIBE but also being the pioneer in introducing some non-credit courses, which were later on declared compulsory by the Board. I would like to bring the dedication of COMMECS on record. They still devote a great deal of time and energies, despite their own business and social commitments.

PAGE: CIBE students have been obtaining the top positions in the Board examinations which looks a little extraordinary due to deteriorating education standards in the country. How do you succeed in convincing the students to spent more time on education?

A. W. Qureshi: I believe it is a two way traffic. All the students of a particular batch may not have the same level of inspiration. However, the greater internation with the faculty, their teaching style and regular appraisals help in inculcating learning spirit. Once the willingness is there, the job of faculty becomes easy. The classes are held at CIBE from 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM. This provides students ample time to interact with the faculty and also discuss their problems. Our mission is, "To prepare future leaders of business and society, and inculcate in them a sense of pride in performance, as well as, a high level of ethical and moral standards." We just do not help in acquiring a degree but also create role models and responsible citizens.

PAGE: How do you ensure quality education for the students?

A. W. Qureshi: For providing superior quality education we have first built purpose-made infrastructure, hired top quality educators, established library and audio-visual library also. As I have said earlier, from the day one we have the computer lab. We have been offering non-credit courses in computer and mathematics. The Board not only appreciated our efforts but also made this compulsory. I was flattered when our course outlines were accepted by the Board.

PAGE: What are the future plans of CIBE?

A. W. Qureshi: CIBE started with holding classes for intermediate level and later on introduced BBA programme. Currently CIBE is affiliated with Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi. We are starting a four-year BBA programme. After the completion of BBA, students are required to work for two years in a business entity and then come back for one-year MBA programme. A number of CIBE graduates are working in MNCs, TNCs and local blue chip companies at middle management levels. Since CIBE does not offer MBA programme at present, these boys join the leading business schools of Pakistan. They often get top positions in aptitude tests conducted by these business schools.

PAGE: What is your message for the students?

A. W. Qureshi: We have almost played our role and the upcoming generations have to face new challenges. I tell my students to equip themselves with knowledge for meeting the challenges of the millennium with confidence, grace and competence. One may get the job on recommendation, but to remain in job and to go up in hierarchy, education and dedication to work play the key role. Recommendation cannot be the replacement for hard work. We are only trying to bring a quantum change in the mind set of future generation.