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May 20 -June 02, 2002

On Socio-Commercial front, Kalia Group has established a socio-commercial organization named as "KalPoint.com" which is now, without any doubt, the largest interactive Website in Pakistan comprising of more than 20,000 pages. It was also declared as Pakistan's best website by the leading IT magazine of Pakistan.

Moreover in this age of e-commerce, Kalia Group has come up with an idea of providing Free Services through their website Kalpoint.com to all the people, no matter where they are and thus Kalpoint.com aims to bring revolution in the lives of people. When almost every website is charging through credit cards for their services, kalpoint.com is absolutely free.

Kalpoint.com is striving hard to bring economy and solution to all the major problems of life. This unique Website brings buyers and sellers of various services and products on one platform no matter where they are and provide them the best possible match for their requirements instantly. Simultaneously Kalpoint.com is also playing an important role in creating awareness regarding the use of Internet and E-Commerce, particularly in Pakistan. It is intended to make Kalpoint.com the number one web site of Pakistan, which envelops the entire world in itself, and provide every possible service, which exists.

The team behind Kalpoint.com is a union of highly experienced and young professionals mostly MBAs, MPAs, Software Engineers working as System Analysts and Programmers along with skilled I.T. Coordinators who are motivated, energetic, highly skilled and well qualified from the institutions of national and international repute. Kalpoint.com is a C2C portal providing many free services for public. The software is a web-based application. The application is backed by database, which is on MS SQL Server 7.0. Artificial intelligence has been built in the applications.

KalPoint.com offers many services, which are divided into different categories such as:

Education: Education category provides a complete and comprehensive guidance to the matter related to education for the facility of students, teachers and parents.

The aim of this service is to provide complete solution for educational information on the web. Kalpoint.com is the first Pakistani website which provides a comprehensive online career guidance and career counseling.

Tution/faculty resources are also available in this section. Karachi Board's results can also be viewed here before they appear in other periodicals, with all the exam's schedules and five years papers.

Employment: Employment category caters to job providers and job seekers. Here the job providers simply specify the requirements of a job position and the matching registered job seekers are informed via email with the specified job criteria.

The whole process is simple, all one need is to fill a form either for a job-provider or a job seeker and he/she will get an e-mail if requirements are met. The matching registered job seekers are informed via email with the specified job criteria.

Automobiles: This category enables one to buy, sell or rent automobile(s). The automobile category not only let one to buy automobiles, but also help to dispose off his/her present one. For the best deals in new and used automobiles, Kalpoint.com is The place!

Real estate: This category enables one to buy, sell or rent a property. Here too, the process is simple. One simply fills the form and gets his/her match immediately. Now one can get free information to buy, sell, or rent property anytime, anywhere. Our search system is basically made for C2C, so now one can save money by not paying any commission to any mediator agency. The process of giving information through forms is similar.

IT world: E-Zine- Internet magazine. Here you may find latest news and views from the world of important issues confronting the IT arena.

Matrimonial: Matrimonial category makes seemingly difficult process of getting married, easy. Just fill the forms and you can get your match immediately, all in private and confidential manner where by the privacy and integrity of the data is ensured.

Kaltimes: This is an infotainment e-Zine, which gives the latest news and comments regarding entertainment business. It provides a comprehensive detail about latest music and movie releases, celebrities, fashion updates, games, reviews, talent gallery, comics, updated regularly to provide the readers with the current information.

Running business: Running business category enables one to buy or sell any type of running business and get your business up and running in no time.

Computer hardware: A complete arena of computers, where trade of new and used computers of different brands is available. An advisory service is also available to solve your computer related problems.

Hajj and Umra guide: Comprehensive step-by-step guide for performing Hajj and Umra with pictures of religious places. The information is provided both in Urdu and English.

Prize Bond: This category provides the facility of on-line checking of prize bond numbers. It has never been so easy to check prize bonds! Just type in your bond numbers and the system will respond to the record of all possible wins. Our checking system is 100% error free and not a single error has been reported so far.


  • i. Schedule for Prize Bond draws.

  • ii. Claim form for winners.

  • iii. State Bank of Pakistan's website link.

Virtual vault: Your everlasting personalized Locker on Net to keep your prize bonds (numbers only) in a safe and secured way. Save yourself from the hassle of checking of your PBs time and again. Just get registered, free of cost, and let our system do the rest for you. It is a part of prize bond category, which provides auto-checking facility of winning numbers. E-mail is sent to the users about their winning prizes after every draw.

Tetra search: This is a comprehensive search engine to facilitate users to search information they want.

Household items: This category enables one to buy or sell his/her new and used household items such as furniture, electronic items etc.

E-m@il: A complete web based email with 5 MB space and a beautiful layout with various options to personalize your inbox. Our system has a unique translation system with all major features available on other web-based emails of the world. Create your em@il account at kalpoint.com and have the chance to become a 'Millionaire'.

Forex: This category provides global Forex updates including open market and interbank forex rates in Pakistan with a unique option of open market's archive of last nine years.

Kalloot: KalLoot is a category of Kalpoint, which has several daily needs pertaining to different walks of life. We provide a platform on Net where sellers place some special deals, exclusively for KalPoint.com's users.