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Company Profile

Mesh Solutions

Jan-14 - 20, 2002

"Mesh Solutions" is the first "Netvertising" agency that has come into existence to help the national and the multinational companies not only to sustain their present clientage but also to help them mushroom their growth and steal the competition with very little effort on their part. It was launched with an intention to optimize the Internet technology for the benefit of the Internet users of Pakistan.

"Mesh Solutions" is not here to compete with the traditional media but is here to work hand in gloves with them for the betterment of all its present and future clients.

We are here to prove the fact that the Internet media serves as a front for the user to have the upper hand by searching the media himself with an indirect "pull Strategy".

"Mesh Solutions" offers customer based solutions and is here to serve the different industries of Pakistan and to help them come up to the international standards and grow and excel in their respective fields.

We provide the required dot com tools for our clients which helps them bridge the gap between their clients, target market and themselves, as we are focused on providing innovative approaches to the complex issues faced by the managers and the entrepreneurs in building effective internet strategies that would complement the existing promotion and advertising.

Launch of "pakdoctor.Com"

Mesh Solutions has launched www.Pakdoctor.com that was inaugurated by Dr Professor S.M. Rab in the presence of other renowned doctors and pharmaceuticals. This is the first medical portal of its kind, which is supported by the Pakistan Medical Association.

Keeping in mind the slogan "Healthy people build a healthy nation" pakdoctor.com provides a platform through which not only nation wide doctors, but also the global ones can communicate with each other, get to know about the national medical happenings and also get introduced to new and life saving products.

This easily navigable healthy portal is mainly there to cater to the related professionals like the general physicians as well as the specialists and also the pharmaceuticals as this would provide them with a life time opportunity of bringing their products face to face with their target audience namely the doctors from all the different wakes of life.

The portal is divided into different useful sections:

The News:

This is the informative link giving all the necessary health information regarding the latest on goings nationally and internationally

The Health Professionals:

It provides a perfect hangout for all the health professionals in Pakistan. Keeping abreast with the ever-changing technologies and new developments the section starts with latest news and inventions in the medical science. The doctors are also informed about the registration process of the Pakistan Medical Association.

The General Public:

This informative link starts with the latest medical issues in the country. The segment is also sub categorized into various sections like kids health, teenage health, old age health etc. There is also a section where people can ask queries about various health issues.

Medical Students:

A useful consort provided for the medical students. It gives comprehensive information about medical colleges and other student related information, plus the jokes are a good addition to reduce the stress and change the mood.

Help Someone:

It is a commendable effort in the aid of needy people that will be monitored by the PMA regarding the purity of the advertisements placed in order to move the cause in a healthy direction.

In all it can safely be said that www.pakdoctor.com comes in the line of the very few good portals launched locally and is a commendable effort for bridging the gap between the doctors and the pharmaceuticals and helping them in working towards a mutual goal that is "A disease free healthy nation".