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Company Profile

BIZTEK, the emerging centre of excellence in Pakistan

Jan-14 - 20, 2002

Nowadays the mushroom growth of universities in the private sector is creating uncertainty in students minds regarding their future. Most of the universities are in rented bungalows or in private commercial buildings and worries the parents that the University will run in future or not. BIZTEK is a fresh air in this polluted environment. As someone has said that "big investments always relate to certainty". BIZTEK is a very big investment in the private education sector with a total area of 500,000 sq ft, and the covered area of 35000 sq ft. It is well equipped with all the amenities. The building of BIZTEK is a symbol of certainty, which shows the solid commitment of its authorities.

The establishment of BIZTEK, Institute of Business and Technology in Karachi is a step, that was urgently needed. Sindh requires more colleges in the field of Computer Science and Business Education which is a rapidly developing field in the modern world. It is very unfortunate that Sindh has only a few Universities which can impart education in Management Sciences, Computer Sciences and other professional areas.

BIZTEK can play an active role in promoting education in Pakistan and bridge the gap which the government alone is unable to, due to resource constraints.

To achieve the common goals to increase literacy and enhance higher education, BIZTEK has launched under graduate and Graduate Programs in Computer Sciences and Business education with the affiliation of Girne American University (GAU). Girne is an affiliate and Associate member of American Educational Consortium Comprising; ECIS (European Council of International Schools), ECBE (European Council of Business Education), IFBE (International Federation Of Business Education), IAA (International Award Association of young people), IACBE (International assembly for Collegiate Business Education). Also Accredited by Higher Education Commission in Turkey (YOK) & Ministry of Education in Turkey. Primarily BIZTEK is concerned with Business & technology and offers:

Associate Degree (ASc)

This Degree program of 4 Semesters (Typically 20 Courses of 60 credit hours dependent upon specializations) to be completed in 16 months is offered with emphasis in the following aspects of Business Administration:

Banking & Finance
International Business Management
Management Information System
Organizational/Management/ Human Resource

Five courses of 3 credit hours each will be selected from the area of specialization. The course will be open for candidates who have studied for 12 years (Intermediate, DBA, or A level).

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

BIZTEK offers 8 Semesters (Typically 40 courses of 120 credit hours dependent upon specialization) to be completed in not earlier than 32 months to attain a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The specializations offered are :

Banking & Finance
International Business Management
Management Information System
Organizational/Management/ Human Resource

Seven elective courses of 3 credit hours each have to be selected to specialize in the field taken as elective. Candidate who have already completed ASc degree will require to take a minimum of 20 courses whereas other candidates (Intermediate, DBA or A level) will require 40 courses.

Masters Program (MBA)

The Masters Program is of 45 credit hours comprising 15 courses of 3 credit hours each. It can be completed in 12 months. Specialization will be available in the following fields:

Business Management
Financial Management
International Business Management
Management Information System

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) & Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

It is an 8 Semester Program (Typically 40 courses of 120 credit hours dependent upon specialization) total duration 32 months. The Specializations offered are :

Data Base Administration
Web Development
Multimedia Technology
Management Information System

Masters Program (Masters of Computer Science & Masters of Information Technology).

The Philosophy of the BIZTEK is to contribute towards the advancement and promotion of Computer Sciences, Management and Business education in the international prospective. BIZTEK focuses to provide first class education to meet the needs of the public and private sector and produce professionals who are highly skilled and can cope up with the ever-changing Business environment. The goals of the Faculty of BIZTEK are:

To produce innovative managers who can make a positive impact on the practices of management in Pakistan in particular and at international level in general.
To increase understanding of the changing business environment and enhance managerial dynamism and decision-making.
To train managers and develop their capacity to work in specialized departments and lead diverse functions, people and institutions.

To achieve these goals, the students will be equipped with a combination of unique and effective professional skills. Moreover BIZTEK intends to give students a thorough understanding of International Business and Economics and its impact on world business, the institute intends to inculcate expertise in:

Accounting concepts and practices
Marketing concepts and practices
Managerial skills in the dynamic market
Ability to devise business strategies and make policy decisions.
Ability to develop Management Information Systems, to enhance students productivity and give a competitive edge to organization they join in future, as managers.

BIZTEK is striving for promotion of Computer Science in Pakistan. Computer Science is an extremely dynamic field and rapid developments are taking place. Pakistan is lagging far behind in this field and the number of computer scientists in our country is small with the Computer Software industry practically non-existent.

It will also impart latest computer education and produce high quality computer scientist who will be thoroughly skilled to understand the rapid changes taking place in the field of computer science.

The ultimate objectives of the Faculty of Computer Sciences are:

To produce computer scientist who would be able to develop software industry in Pakistan.

To increase the understanding of the dynamic field of computation.
To train and develop professional computer scientists who could fill the slots of computer programmers and system analysts not only in the private sector but also in public sector.