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Jan 14 - 20, 2002

Hinopak and Trakker join hands for fleet management services to Hino customers

Hinopak Motors Limited in continuation of providing superior customer care has joined hands with Trakker (Pvt) Ltd for "better Hino fleet management". This strategic alliance will benefit Hino customers by the added feature of Satellite tracking, reduction in transportation costs, increased productivity and efficiency.

The agreement was signed at a ceremony at a local hotel in Karachi on November 15, 2001 between Mr. M. Irfan Shaikh Director Sales & Marketing, Hinopak Motors Limited and Ms. Marvi M. Ali, Chief Executive Officer, Trakker (Pvt) Ltd.

C-track is Pakistan's only Global Positioning Satellite based onboard computer for vehicles introduced by Trakker and Digicore South Africa, now supported by Hinopak.

Salient features of this unique fleet management solution are: tracking of vehicle on any area of Pakistan through digitised satellite maps, panic alarm facility for better produt vehicle/driver safety, nogo alarm manitoring, vehicle maintenance indicator monitoring, and transportation cost reduction indicators monitoring.

This strategic alliance between Hinopak Motors Limited the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer and Pakistan's only fleet management satellite company Trakker (Pvt.) Limited will offer Hino customers for the first time in Pakistan, a unique opportunity to have a built in C-track fleet manager in their Hino vehicles for better efficiency and more profitability whilst taking better care of their Hino vehicles, at preferential pricing.

Mr. M. Irfan Shaikh, Director Sales & Marketing, Hinopak Motors Limited on this occasion said Hinopak is always committed to provide better service to its customer. We have therefore entered into this alliance, which would not only offer safety & efficiency to Hino users but also result in better fleet management. This is the first time in Pakistan that this kind of service has been offered to commercial vehicle operators.

Ms. Marvi M. Ali, CEO, Trakker (Pvt.) Ltd. addressed in this occasion that in line with Trakker's vision to introduce to the Pakistani commercial fleet operators the state of the art fleet management C-Track, we are pleased to join hands with Hinopak. Together we are convinced we can bring a fleet management revolution in Pakistan.

Mr. Hideichiro Chikahiro Joins Hinopak Motors Limited as Managing Director and CEO.

Mr. Hideichiro Chikahiro joined Hinopak Motors Limited as Managing Director & CEO. Mr. Chikahiro has been associated with Hino Motor Ltd., Tokyo for 34 years and carries with him a very wide and varied manufacturing and marketing experience in various functions such as Manager of Overseas Marketing Division, North America Department; President of Hino Motors (Europe) NV, Belgium; General Manager of OPP Division and General Manager of Power Engineering Division, Tokyo.

Mr. Chikahiro replaces Mr. Masayasu Okamura who was Hinopak's MD & CEO from 1998 after Hino Motors and TTC obtained majority share in the company. It was under the able guidance of Mr. Okamura that the company began it's restructuring into a Japanese multinational by adopting a number of Japanese management practices directed at maximising customer satisfaction, improving productivity and product quality.

Reckitt Benckiser donates to Afghan Refugees

Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Limited has donated essential goods worth Rs. 3 million for the Afghan Refugees at the Shamshatoo Refugees Camp, located 28 km south of Peshawar. This camp consists of 560 Refugee families, out of which 260 families comprise of widows and young children displaced by the recent escalation of war in Afghanistan. Basic items such tents, kitchen sets and few essential rations are provided by the UNHCR, while the Government of Pakistan has established the basic health units.

Karachi Sheraton Hotel takes care of PC guests

The management and staff of the Karachi Sheraton Hotel & Towers, were the first ones to come to the rescue and provide assistance to more than 200 guests of the Pearl Continental Hotel who were affected by the fire in the hotel in the early hours of Sunday.

Mr. Thomas van Opstal, the General Manager of Karachi Sheraton Hotel & Towers, was the first person to reach the Pearl Continental and offered the support of his hotel and staff to the General Manager Mr. Thomas John during this misfortune.

MCB—Hajj training program—2002 at Baitul Hajj, Karachi

Maintaining its leadership in Hajj Application processing, this year, as well, MCB is geared to meet the needs of intending Hajis with a commitment to provide optimum service level.

As part of our on going tradition, MCB has arranged a training Seminar at Madinatul Hajjaj at Karachi to apprise all intending Hajis on the rituals of Hajj. Maulana Mohammad Wali Razi, Minister for Religious, Auqaf, Ushr, & Minority Affairs, Government of Sindh, was the guest of honour. Among others who spoke on the subject were Mr. Khalid Niaz Khawaja, SEVP & Head of HRM & Legal Group Mr. Mohammad Shoaib Qureshi, SEVP, Corporate / Islamic Banking Group, Mufti Munibur Rehman, Chairman Ruat Hilal Committee, Qari Raza ul Mustafa Azmi, President World Islamic Mission, Mr. Manzoor Hussain, Director Hajj, Government of Pakistan.

TV Market

iSupply/Stanford Resources, market intelligence services firm, said "revenues for televisions worldwide will continue to show healthy growth through 2007, with the market value of these shipments quoted at increasing from $53.2 billion to more than $91.8 billion in 2007. New television technologies are making inroads into the market share for direct view CRT units, "whose unit market share in 2007 will fall to 93 per cent, down from 99 per cent in 2001, a press release said.

Black tea may prevent heart attacks, cancer

Lipton Tea and Health Information Center held a media briefing on the topic "Newly found health benefits of Tea - A research at HEJ", Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Choudhary, a prominent scientist from HEJ Institute of Applied Chemistry and Dr. Saeed Ahmed Qureshi, a consultant cardiologist and Project Manager of Lipton Tea and Health Programme, addressed the meeting.

A research recently took place at the HEJ Institute of Applied Chemistry, University of Karachi and the findings of this research were highlighted in the meeting. It was told that free radicals are produced in the body as a result of metabolism and these free radicals cause many degenerative diseases like cancer, heart attacks ageing and others. Antioxidants are the natural defence against free radicals and tea is the richest source of these antioxidants, better than even fruits and vegetables. Thus regular drinking of black tea helps in reducing the risk of cancer, cataract and heart attacks.

It was further that disclosed that certain constituents of tea also help in combating bacterial disease and drinking tea with meals may be useful in reducing incidence of food poisoning. It also helps in reducing dental caries and bad breath. It is also active against certain lung infections.

Finally it was told that the caloric value of tea was negligible in a cup of prepared tea drink and it is only the added sugar and milk that give the calories, which may then act as appetite depressant.

It was thus concluded that tea is a wonderful beverage that provides its drinker with useful antioxidants and protects against many infections and the same time does not give added calories.