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IBA, Jamshoro arranges Professor Muhammad Umer Memon Memorial Lecture/Seminar

By Imamudin Khoso, Faculty Member of IBA
May 13 -19, 2002

The seminar on Allama I.I.Kazi was held at Professor Nabi Bakhsh Daudpota Auditorium, Institute of Business Administration, University of Sindh, Jamshoro. The Chief Guest was Professor Sayed Qavi Ahmed, Former Principal, Government Sindh College of Commerce, Hyderabad. The proceeding of Seminar opened up with the recitation of Holy Quran. Professor Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed, Director, IBA, University of Sindh, Jamshoro who presided over the Seminar, offered a welcome address. The Director, IBA also highlighted some of the aspects of the life of Allama I.I.Kazi. He said: "Allama I.I.Kazi is a legend of Sindh and the Founder vice-chancellor of University of Sindh. As a philosopher he was a man of a great stature. He was stout and firm believer with unflinching faith in supremacy of almighty "ALLAH". As a theologian he did not suffer from any sort of extremism or fanaticism. Being deeply rooted in his own religion he was opened to all the religions, faiths and ideologies of the world. As an academician Allama I.I.Kazi was a scholar of first water. He had infinite faith in the power of knowledge. Allama was magnificent in his faith, strength, courage and humility." The Director, IBA further said "the best way to pay homage to the learned person is to follow his footprints. In this regard our University level education should focus on developing competent professionals and on nurturing scientific excellence." In the last the Director said "we are determined to transform the dreams of Allama into reality."

The Guest Speaker Professor Sayed Qavi Ahmed said, "I have been fortunate enough to work with Allama I.I.Kazi. I have observed Allama from very near and found him the visionary, educated, scholar, intellectual, thinker, teacher and above all he was a seeker of enlightenment. Allama aimed at helping the graduates of this University to achieve economic independence and self-reliance individually as well as collectively. Allama affirmed loudly that a service of man is the worship of "GOD". He was a man of mighty character and would not budge an inch from what he thought was right and stood by it. He was a kind of Muslim who believed in the true definition of Muslim as asserted by the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H. who in one of his Hadith categorically defined Muslim is a person "From whoth hand and tongue the rest of mankind remain safe and secure." Allama sahib lived up to every syllable of this Hadith. Allama studied various subjects as psychology, sociology, physics and biology to quench his thirst for knowledge."

The students and faculty members of IBA and from Commerce Department, University of Sindh, Jamshoro also spoke on life, thoughts and historical contribution of Allama I.I.Kazi in the field of education and religion. The students who read the papers in Seminar and won the prizes included Iqbal Ahmed Shar (stood lst), Miss Mehtab Begum (stood 2nd), Zainul Abaidin and Ali Azam (both stood 3rd), Miss Shama (consolation prize). Other students included Zahoor Ahmed, Tania Memon, Fazallullah Qureshi, Kamran Abdul Jabbar, Abdul Sattar Mallah, Kareem Bux Shah, Miss Naveed Akhter Katpar, Aijaz Rajput, Miss Faheem and Rasool Bux Hingoro. Others who participated the seminar included Professor Ferozuddin Kazi, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Professor Agha Riaz Hussan, Chairman Department of Commerce, Professor Ghulam Hussain Kaskhelly, Mr. Nazir Ahmed Gopang, Mr. Muhammad Mian Memon, Mr. Imamuddin Khoso, Mr. Mushtaque Ali Jariko, Miss. Sadaf Mushtaque and Miss. Saima Qureshi. The seminar ended with a vote of thanks offered by Director, IBA.