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By Syed M.Aslam
May 13 -19, 2002

*** "FRENCH POLITICS are a bit nauseating as a general rule... I wanted to make that known in a very concrete way."

(A French voter explaining why he wore gardening gloves and clothes pin on his nose while casting ballot in the decisive second round presidential election)

*** "WE WILL HOWEVER will not bow to insult and intimidation."

(Iranian President Mohammad Khatami saying that while his country is not hostile towards the US it will not tolerate aggressive policies and rhetoric from America)

*** "... are there battles from time to time within an administration? Of course there are."

(US Secretary of State Colin Powell denying reports by two senators that 'his efforts to bring peace between Israel and Palestine were undermined by his colleagues in the Bush administration')

*** "WHY THIS VIRTUOUS MAN does not resign in protest at the deliberate obstruction of crucial resolutions. Why does he not quit in protest at the ineffectiveness of the international body when it comes to (implementing) important resolutions."

(Saudi newspaper 'Al Bilad asking UN Secretary General to step down over the failure of the world body to force Israel to accept a fact-finding mission to the Palestinian refugee camp of Janin, the scene of carnage by Israel)

*** "IF A POLITICAL or an official boycott does not seem like an applicable move in light of the current global situation, a personally-initiated boycott that would turn into a popular stand would certainly yield goals."

(An UAE official favouring boycott of Israeli goods in the Arab and Muslim markets)

*** "IT IS SHAMEFUL that all we Muslims can do when the Israelis massacred the Palestinians in Jenin is to appeal to others for pity and for help."

(Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad criticizing the Muslim countries for being helpless during Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. He was speaking at the meeting of Organization of Islamic Conference)

*** "WE WANT TO SHOW that it is possible to help..."

(Austrian leader Joerg Haider addressing a press conference with two cancer-stricken children sitting in his lap who he personally brought to Austria for treatment from his recent visit to Iraq, his second in couple of weeks)

*** "IT IS CERTAIN that if the terrorist had meant to affect Franco-Pakistan relations, they have failed. Our bilateral relations will not be affected and we will come closer."

(French Defence Minister Michelli Alliot-Marie addressing at press conference after concluding a brief visit to Karachi where suicide bombing claimed lives of over 15 persons, including over a dozen French naval workers)

*** "THOSE WHO want to join... and form a national government must be skinned alive."

(Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga's harsh warning to dissidents within her own party supporting the formation of a unity government with her arch political rival Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe)

*** "ONE OF THESE CHILDREN will wave the flag over a Palestinian state."

(Palestinian President Yasser Araft addressing a rally welcoming the month long siege of his headquarters by the occupying Israeli army)

*** "IN TERMS of absolute numbers, India will overtake South Africa... In a few years time, India will have the largest number of people with HIV in the world."

(UNAIDS' chief Peter Piot predicting that India will have the largest number of people infected with HIV in next few years)

*** "I AM PLEASED to pretend to be happy to join you... I'm sure tonight's dinner and tonight's skit will be in accordance with tradition. In other words, I'm sure the food will be good but the skit will be bad."

(Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo chastising media men at the National Press Club's annual presidential roasting in Manila)

*** "THE JEWISH LOBBY is very extremely strong in America...One of the problems was that of Arab presence, an informed Arab presence... because the Israelis sent their very best people to the United States..."

(Former managing editor of The Washington Post Ben Bradlee calling for engaging Arab presence in the US at the Arab Media Summit organized by the Dubai Press Club)