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The company pioneered the introduction of the spot currency trading in Pakistan in 1992

May 06 -12, 2002

Harvest Group, the company which pioneered the introduction of spot currency trading in Pakistan, celebrated its 10th anniversary in Lahore on Saturday (April 27) afternoon in an innovative and colourful manner. A film documentary depicting the spectacular growth and outstanding achievements of the organisation was shown to over 400 guests drawn from various walks of life-including top businessmen, leaders of the stock market and of financial services, brokers and investors. The Chairman Lahore Stock Exchange, Group Captain (Retd.) Naim A. Khan was the Chief Guest.

The Harvest Group is an international entity providing par excellence services to investors not only in Pakistan but several other countries as well. In Pakistan, Harvest Group is operating through two state-of-art office facilities located in the two major cities of Karachi and Lahore.

Speaking on the occasion the Chief Executive Officers and Chairman of the Harvest Group, Mr. Gulraze Mir reviewed the past 10 years history of the company and narrated the success story of the group. The company pioneered the introduction of the spot currency trading in Pakistan in 1992. The Global Forex market is the largest financial market of the world boasting of a daily average turnover of $ 2 trillion. Through its highly sophisticated setup, the company provides access to this dynamic market offering four major currencies, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Euro and Japanese Yen to be traded against the US Dollar. In Pakistan, the company happens to be the largest subscriber of Reuters, the premier service for financial news and quotations.

In 1999, the Company achieved another milestone when it become a member of Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE). The Company thus formed, Harvest Smartrend Securities (Pvt) Limited, has carved for itself a prominent name in the equity brokerage industry in a short span of two-and-a-half years. Through its twin trading facilities including a remote trading terminal located inside the Company's Headquarters at its Lahore Office Building, one-to-one customer service, computerized margin monitoring system and comprehensive market data and insight dissemination facilities, the Company has opened new vistas in securities trading. In the future, the Harvest Group is moving full speed ahead to bring newer and better products from International Financial Markets to Pakistan and to expand its horizons in major Middle Eastern and European cities. Commodity futures is one such instrument that is expected to be launched shortly by the Company.

Mr. Gulraze Mir said "we, at Harvest Topworth International, work as a 400 professional team to serve the best interest of the investors. This is continuous 24 hours five day week operation from 5:00 a.m. Monday morning Pakistani Time when the Tokyo market opens to 1:00 a.m. Saturday when the New York market closes." This is basically to protect the interests of the investors from the movement of the currency rates in the Forex Market in and outside the country. Continuing he said it is worthwhile to mention here that further to Economic Reforms Act 1992 the special Gazette Notification dated December 17, 1999 by the President of Pakistan has provided more facilities, protection and opportunities to Foreign Currency Account Holders in Pakistan and expatriates. Revival of the Economy is also evident from the bullish trend of the stock market in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest Mr. Naim A. Khan paid high tribute to the Harvest Group "which had added new dimension to the capital market in Pakistan." He said that the Harvest Group deserved to be applauded for completing 10 years of distinguished service to the Capital and Forex market in Pakistan.

The Harvest Group introduced spot currency market to Pakistan in 1992 breaking new ground and has joined the local Stock Market in 1999, he added.

Capital markets are highly technical and sophisticated. Interplay of their driving forces both fundamental and technical are complex. A great presence and vigilance are required to operate in such a market. Timely, accurate and researched information is vital for decision-making. Harvest Group has met this vital need of its investors and many others during their decade long operations. The human and financial resources role can be well imagined.

Harvest Group has distinguished itself with its efforts to acquaint and educate investors to operate in modernized and regulated environments. Their researched and timely information should greatly assist all investors in their risk management.