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By Syed M.Aslam
May 06 -12, 2002

*** " Mr. Roberto go tell your President George W. Bush that all of you are not welcome in restaurant. Please go out now."

(Syrian restaurant manager Nayazi Tabbaa refusing to serve US diplomat Roberto Powers as a protest against anti-Palestinian policy in the Middle East)

*** "THERE ARE TWO CENTRES OF POWER in America Los Angeles and Washington. Hollywood and Washington share the same DNA."

(Author and researcher Jack Shaheen commenting on stereotyping of Arabs in US politics, media and movies)

*** "SOMETIMES, THE NEWS is in the noise... But more often, the news is in the silence in what not being said... you need to learn what that silence is telling you."

(New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman advising the journalists to look out for news that may be less obvious)

*** "HE IS PROJECTING his failure as Parliament's dereliction."

(Leader of opposition Sonia Gandhi attacking Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for failing to control communal violence in the Gujarat state which has killed hundreds of Muslims in cold blood)

*** "THE BBC and others are doing you (Arabs) a disservice... We are not reminded by the media that one is an occupier and the other is occupied that one is the oppressor, and the other is oppressed."

(BBC's Tim Llewellyn criticizing the Western media for its biased against Palestinian in particular and Arabs in general)

*** "... and that is why I hang the flag in my study on my balcony. My husband has a position but it is not my position. I am a free woman and I am allowed to do whatever I like and he agrees with that."

(Wife of European Central Bank, Gretta Duisenberg, defending her decision to raise the Palestinian flag at her home in Amsterdam as a protest against Israel's atrocities against the unarmed Palestinians)

*** "WHEN I SAW Wolfowitz stand in Washington and say 'I support Sharon' while we were meeting Secretray of State Powell, this told me something. We do not have neon saying 'stupid' on our foreheads."

(Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat angrily questioning US role as an honest broker of Middle East peace alluding to Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz's attending a pro-Israel rally in Washington)

*** "WE HAVE COLLECTED EVIDENCE that the two leading auction houses have colluded to fix commissions and on other aspects of the trade."

(Spokeswoman of European Commission accusing fine-art auction houses Christie's and Sotheby's of price fixing one year after the US convicted them of the offence)

*** "ONE OF THESE CHILDREN will wave the flag over a Palestinian state."

(Palestinian President Yasser Araft addressing a rally welcoming the month long siege of his headquarters by the occupying Israeli army)

*** "NEVER FORGET that the people's trust is still young, fragile and can be broken by one misstep one inconsistency between words and actions."

(World Bank vice president for South Asia Region, Mieko Nishimizu, 'cautioning' the present and future leadership of Pakistan against economic inconsistency)

*** "Mr. Ambassador, we do not care if we incur the wrath of your President, deny us the US visas, admissions to your schools and universities or freeze our assets in American banks. What we do care most is our faith, our dignity and our sacred homeland."

(Excerpts of an open letter written by Saudi English language Professor Afnan Fatani to US Ambassador in Saudi Arabia)

*** "... it was not that we entered in the first place, but that we did not pull out immediately."

(Member of Russian Duma (Parliament) Dmitry Rogozin quoting a colleague who fought in Afghanistan as a young soldier during its invasion in Afghanistan in 1979. He said that the 'US is repeating Russia's mistakes' by maintaining presence in Afghanistan)