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PSO has a comprehensive HSE Action Plan, which is being gradually implemented

By Dr. Altaf Hussain Soomro
Manager HSE
April 22 - 28, 2002

HSE stands for Health, Safety and Environment. Here health means occupational health, which deals with identification, evaluation and control of such chemical, physical, biological and psychological hazards at workplace which otherwise may cause some diseases and impairment of health.

Safety covers identification, evaluation and control of such factors that mostly arise from unsafe acts of human beings at workplace and cause accidents, resulting in human injuries and property loss and also near-misses that may have the potential to cause an injury or property loss.

Environment here means control of industrial pollution i.e. identification, evaluation and control of such factors emanating from an industrial activity that can have detrimental effects on surroundings i.e. soil, water and ambient air.


HSE is given a high priority in PSO. Whether it is tanker loading or unloading, tank lorry filling or decanting, storage or transportation of product or dispensing operation at retail outlets, prevention of accidents and fires is always a major consideration.

In order to achieve high standards of HSE performance, PSO has an HSE Policy, which is essentially a declaration of the company's commitment to the overall HSE objectives. For the achievement of HSE objectives, the company has established an HSE organization, which comprises of HSE Department, HSE Steering Committee at the Managing Director's level, HSE Coordinators across the company and HSE Site Committees at various sites.

PSO has a comprehensive HSE Action Plan, which is being gradually implemented. HSE procedures are being developed and some of these have already been established. Various other standard components of HSE programme, including regular safety talks, are also in place.

Identification of equipment deficiencies and their rectification is being effectively pursued. Decantation facilities at retail outlets are being continuously improved. Testing of LPG cylinders to fulfil legislative requirements is continuing.

A major initiative of developing operating instructions for various routine operations and making them available to workers is almost complete. The HSE Manual that contains HSE Procedures and relevant documents has been developed.

HSE training of management and non-management staff is being aggressively pursued. A large number of the staff has already undergone training in HSE orientation and in various HSE procedures, which have already been installed in the company. The training of the staff at retail outlets through the use of the PSO Mobile Quality Testing Units has also been initiated.

The activity of routine and special audits of various sites is being effectively progressed. No New Vision Retail Outlet is commissioned without prior HSE certification.

The company is conscious of the fact that there is a lot more to be done in the area of Health, Safety and Environment. Hence, the company is fully committed to pursue its efforts to continuously improve the HSE performance.