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Existing and upcoming mega opportunities in the EU offer Pakistani software industry a unique niche market to expand its export base. PAGE highlights the need for concerted policy and efforts by both the government and the industry itself not to miss the opportunity the second time around and the necessity to focus on EU as the primarily destination of locally developed IT services and solution.


Yet another financial restructuring of KESC is on the cards to improve its privatization prospects. It had become all the more necessary due to mounting pressure of the lenders on the GoP to curtail losses of state owned enterprises. Privatization of the ailing utility is being actively pursued. However, it should be remembered that the various previous attempts failed mainly due to inability of the management to improve cashflow, the other contentious issues being very high T&D losses, inefficiencies and mounting receivables.

Pakistan has started exporting cement to Afghanistan. Cement manufacturers and exporters are of the view that demand will go up with the increasing pace of reconstruction in Afghanistan. However, to get a major share in cement exports we have to reduce the cost of production in the face of prices offered by other competing countries.


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