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Apr 22 - 28, 2002


Culminating over 40 years of UPS design experience Invensys Power Systems announced that it now has well over 50 patents already awarded under their banner and with another 20 plus awaiting accreditation it won't be long before the 100th patent is awarded.

"Our list of patents is already overwhelming and includes the industry's most complex and exciting UPS technological firsts. Some of the most advanced UPS technology is credited to Invensys Power Systems and that is something we are very proud of," said Ove Ohman, director R&D EMEA.

"With more than 20 patents still pending it once again proves that Invensys Power Systems is by far the greatest innovator of UPS technology," he added.

Spanning four decades Invensys Power Systems first set the industry alight when its Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Resonant Power Module and its Voltage Control Circuitry for UPS were both granted patents. Since then the patent office has seen some mind blowing advancements in the world of power systems including the Inverter Power Supply System and the Back-UP UPS: AC Line Fault Detection Apparatus an invention that changed the way we were to use UPS forever.

Nowadays Invensys Power Systems' range of UPSs are packaged with the most advanced UPS technological expertise available. Its next generation double conversion online UPS systems, its patented Powerware Hot Sync® paralleling technology has provided some of the world's biggest IT / Telecoms and other harsh environments the most reliable and sturdy back up systems giving our customers peace of mind 24/7.

Its not just patents we are good at winning either. Awards from some of EMEA's leading publications confirms our recognition as a true innovator in UPS technology. Awards won include, Readers Choice Awards for best UPS — Arabian Computer News; Editor's Choice — Computer Press, Russia; Best in Test — PC World Norway; Best in Test — Computer Magazine, Finland; Technical Innovation — Electrical Products, UK and finally and most recently the Powerware® 5115 was awarded the best 1000 VA product from the editor of the most prestigious IT magazine in Germany - PC Professional. In addition the Best Power Fortress® III won the best in test for 1050 VA products from the same magazine.

"Invensys Power Systems is hugely proud of its achievements and it is a great honour to receive these awards from some of the industryís leading publications throughout EMEA and to feel that our work and technology is recognised by so many experts in our field," said Ohman.

And just last year Harry Pettersson, technology manager at Invensys Power Systems' EMEA manufacturing and R&D plant in Finland was appointed chairman of the UPS sub committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). A huge compliment for both Invensys Power Systems, the range of UPS products and Pettersson himself; "It is an honour to be asked to chair the UPS sub committee of the IEC not only personally but to represent a company who shows both dedication and bring technological excellence to the UPS industry" said Pettersson.


Invensys Powerware is a global leader in the power solutions industry. Offering the broadest range of product and services available today, Invensys Powerware integrates a full line of AC and DC power systems, power conversion products, standby batteries, telephone line surge suppression, power management software, remote monitoring, turnkey integration services and site support, providing a seamless solution. Powerware systems and services increase enterprise-wide systems availability and are utilised in local and wide area networking, data and voice over IP, co-location facilities, fixed-line and wireless communication networks, and industrial manufacturing. Invensys Powerware is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, and is part of Invensys plc. Invensys plc is a global leader in the automation and controls industry, with headquarters located in London, England. Invensys operates in all regions of the world through four focused divisions — Software Systems, Automation Systems, Powerware and Control Systems.


GemNet is the authorized distributor for Powerware Corporation (an Invensys company), and offers a large range of specialized power related products and services. The company has local offices in Pakistan (GemNet Private Limited) and Jebel Ali, Dubai, U.A.E. (GemNet Gulf).

GemNet's Services:

•Qualified team of engineers provide quality installation and after sales service.
•Service plans to fit the clients needs, including plans that cover the client's existing UPSs.
•Services also include: Needs Analysis, Comparative Product Analysis, Cost Justification, Consulting, End-User Training, Maintenance and After Sales Support.


Recently, the French consul general, Mr. Gilles Bonnaud also Dean of the diplomatic corps hosted a dinner to celebrate the International Francophony Day in Karachi. The occasion is celebrated with fanfare in more than 50 member countries of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (International Organisation of Francophony), to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Agency for Francophony in 1970, in Niamey.

The French speaking nations under the aegis of this organisation, currently headed by Mr. Boutros Boutros - Ghali former secretary general of the United Nations, are dedicated to coordinate and develop common economic, social and cultural projects. They also aspire to adopt a united position in international politics and fora as well as to promote a multilingual and multicultural world, which is seen as a way to fight unipolarism and to reinforce world peace.

To show their solidarity eminent francophone diplomats based in Karachi, Pakistani politicians, businessmen, artists, journalists and French expatriates turned up in large number at the French consulate. Prominent guests included Mr. Janusz Bylinski, consul general of Poland, former ambassador and national security advisor, Mr. Iqbal Akhund, former ambassador, Mr. Zia Ispahani, politician Makhdoom Khaliquzzaman, doyen of the art world, Mr. Saeed Nagi and journalists Irfan Hussain and Amina Jilani.


The Government of Pakistan has received a second grant of 5 billion Yen, equivalent to US$37.5 million (approx), from the Government of Japan. This second grant was awarded due to the most productive and efficient utilization of the first grant by Pakistan State Oil (PSO) within the 1imited timeframe. The Government of Pakistan has, therefore, awarded 50 per cent of the second grant to PSO. The first grant worth JPY 3 billion was utilized by PSO for the import of deficit petroleum products, thereby, saving precious foreign exchange to the national exchequer. The equivalent amount of the grant utilized by PSO is repaid to the Government of Pakistan in Pak Rupees within the stipulated time. These funds are then available to the Government of Pakistan for various social programs. Based on the most successful implementation of the first grant, the Government of Pakistan has awarded PSO another 50% of the second grant, equal to JPY 2.5 billion, which will also be utilized for the procurement of deficit petroleum products for the country. The Crown Agents for Overseas Governments and Administration Limited are authorized for the management and administration of this non-project grant aid from Japan.


The management of Preston Institute of Management, Science and Technology (PIMSAT), Karachi has announced that it has pledged 25 per cent scholarships (on admission and tuition fee) across the board to the journalists, armed forces personnel and government employees and their sons and daughters seeking admissions in any graduate and postgraduate academic programs being offered by the Institute at all its ten campuses located in some of the major cities of Pakistan.

According to Preston's spokesman, the Institute offers more than 2000 scholarships, across all its campuses, to bonafide and needy students every year. The spokesman further mentioned that, as in the past, Preston would offer 600 scholarships during the Summer Semester, admissions to which commence from the 3rdnd week of April 2002. Those students who are endowed and have excellent academic record, those who are needy and those who fall in any of the following categories such as journalists, armed forces personnel and government employees would be entitled to avail this privilege.

Unfolding the details of the Summer Semester admissions, Preston's spokesman said that admissions to all its Bachelors and Masters programs (BS, MS, BBA, MBA, B. Tech, & BS and MS Textile Engineering & Design) is going to start from Saturday April 19, 2002. The application deadline for all the academic programs is May 4, 2002 he said. Mentioning about the admission forms, prospectus etc., the spokesman Preston Institute said these would be made available to the prospective students at the Institute's campuses located at their respective cities of residence. In addition, the admission forms, prospectus and all other information materials pertinent to the interest of the students would also be available at the "free Information Seminars" being organized by the Institute at its Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta, Hyderabad and Karachi campuses on April 23, and Gujranwala, Faisalabad and Lahore campuses on April 24, 2002.


Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has introduced computerized Product Load Acknowledgment System that will ensure proper and timely delivery of product loads to Wapda and independent power producers (IPPs).

The new system involves daily downloading of computerized data from all depots and sending a customized load dispatch summary to industrial consumers through e-mail. Customers return the file, indicating dates on which loads are received and if they are satisfied with it and with their remarks.

The system will allow ready availability of supply/load information, prompt recovery and settlement of shortages claims with cartage contractors and speedy reconciliation at month's end.

PSO, at present, supplies products to power stations of Wapda at Jamshoro, Pasni, Muzaffargarh, Guddu and Panjgoor. Besides, the company also supplies to the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) and 12 independent power producers.

Representatives of independent power producers and Wapda officials visited PSO House recently where they were shown the computerized Product Load Acknowledgment System. The visitors greatly appreciated the new system and hoped that it would make their job easier.


A two day workshop on Integrated Data Base (IDB) was held at Export Promotion Bureau, Karachi on 15th-16th April 2002. This workshop was a part of series of workshops/ seminars being organized by the Ministry of Commerce in collaboration with Department for International Development (DEID), UK.

This two-day workshop was conducted by Mr. Daniel Moralee & Mrs. Mariane Gigliardi who are experts working in Integrated Data Base Division of World Trade Organization (WTO). The focus of the workshop was on dissemination of information on trade statistics, tariff negotiations in GATT, schedule of various WTO member countries and retrieval and analysis of trade statistical information. This highly informative and technical workshop was attended by middle and senior level govt officials from Federal Bureau of Statistics, Central Board of Revenue, Export Processing Zone, State Bank of Pakistan & Export Promotion Bureau etc.

The purpose of such workshops is capacity building and to develop the skills of officers of Ministry of Commerce, its attached departments and other govt. departments including Revenue Division, Federal Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Livestock, Ministry of Industries & Products and State Bank of Pakistan, thereby, enabling them to contribute effectively in fulfilling international trade commitments and participating in future trade negotiation.


Allianz EFU Health insurance Ltd. said it had tied up with Liaquat National Hospital (LNH) to provide comprehensive health insurance services to the local market. HealthPlus is the first 'Family' health insurance product to be offered in Pakistan covering both outpatient and in-patient expenses.

"Allianz EFU believes in developing health models that are designed in and for use within Pakistan, rather than transplanting other countries' systems here. We like to work with our customers and healthcare providers to develop and contribute towards a modern, comprehensive and customer-focused health care system." as said by Mr Ahmir ud Deen, Managing Director and Chief Executive of Allianz EFU. Mr. Ahmir ud Deen added that Allianz EFU is able to support the delivery of healthcare in Pakistan in various areas including information systems, health insurance expertise, and international experience of working in partnership with renowned hospitals.

For the first time, individuals and families are able to enjoy the benefits of health insurance as never before in Pakistan. HealthPlus offers treatment at LNH covering hospitalization, outpatient and maternity expenses. Both Allianz EFU and Liaquat National Hospital are committed to developing and raising standards by pioneering new concepts in health insurance, and helping to facilitate the delivery of healthcare services according to international medical guidelines.

Allianz EFU is Pakistan's first and only specialized health insurance company and is a joint venture between Allianz AG of Germany and the EFU Group of Pakistan. Established in 1890, the Allianz Group is one of the largest composite insurers in the world with annual revenues of more than US$65 billion in the financial year 2000, and an active presence in over 70 countries. Liaquat National Hospital is one of Pakistan's premier hospitals serving the community for the last fifty years. With 700-beds and treatment available in 32 specialties, it is famous for its high quality of treatment at affordable price. Together, Allianz EFU and LNH have become a unique and powerful ally for the good health of the people of Pakistan.


The executive committee of Modaraba Association of Pakistan (MAP), which met under the Chairmanship of Mr. Basheer A. Chowdry, has endorsed the Code of Corporate Governance recently introduced by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and urged its members to bring their operations in line with the Code. In this context, the Committee has formed a working group to assist the members in complying with various requirements of the Code. Modaraba Association of Pakistan has also plans to hold working seminars for the Directors and Executives of the Modarabas at the Karachi and Lahore with the assistance of Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan to help them assimilate and implement the spirit and modalities of the Code. The Committee appreciated the guidelines provided and constant efforts made by SECP in improving the corporate environment and offered its full cooperation to streamline and improve the corporate governance of the Modaraba Sector. A close working relationship already established between the MAP and SECP has resulted in resolving of many operational problems of Modarabas and timely action taken by Registrar Modarabas in certain cases has safeguarded the interest of the certificate holders.


To facilitate Air Travellers, EFU Group-General-Life & Allianz EFU Health has set-up two insurance counters at Quaid-e-Azam International Airport, International & Domestic departure lounges.

EFU Group plans to set-up more EFU Counters at all the airports of Pakistan including smaller airports in Sindh, Punjab, NWFP and Balochistan Provinces.

Recently Governor Sindh Mohammedmian Soomro, while inaugurating EFU Counters at Quaid-e-Azam International Airport stressed the need to provide personal Accident Insurance Cover at all airports of Pakistan to facilitate the air travellers and give cover to their precious life.

Chairman EFU Mr. Rafique Bhimjee. Managing Director Mr. Saifuddin Zoomkawala thanked Civil Aviation Authority for granting the permission at Karachi and other airports.

EFU was established in 1932 and today it is Pakistan's experienced and diversified insurer. EFU is the only insurance group in the country, which provides coverage for health, life and general insurance to individual as well as corporate clients under one umbrella.

Mr. Taher Sachak, Managing Director EFU Life and Mr. Hasanali Abdullah, Deputy Managing Director EFU General are visiting EFU Counter at International departure lounge Karachi Airport.


Pakistan State Oil (PSO), the country's largest oil marketing company, will be holding its second cartage contractors' conference in Multan on Tuesday, April 23, 2002.

The day-long conference will be addressed by the PSO Managing Director, Mr. Tariq Kinnani, other members of the top management and prominent cartage contractors. An interactive question-answer session will follow the presentations. All the prominent transporters from all over the country have been invited to attend this major event.

PSO has planned a series of such conferences in all the major cities. The earlier conference at Karachi in March this year was the first-ever such event organized by an oil marketing company operating in Pakistan.

The conferences are being held in line with PSO's New Vision marketing strategy, to familiarize cartage contractors with innovative technology the company is employing to ensure that its products reach consumers in right quantity and quality.