* "WHAT YOU HAVE to understand is that the PR people at the bank are insanely paranoid."

(A World Bank economist quoted as a source in the recently published book 'The Elusive Quest for Growth', written by senior World Bank economist William Easterly which says the bank has been a spectacular failure to help the world's poor)

*** "PEOPLE HAVE BEEN coming in every day asking for it, but the publishers seem to have run out of stock as well."

(Parisian book-seller Laetitia Prignot commenting on selling out of a book written by Thierry Meyssan titled 'September 11: The Appalling Deception' which alleges that the attack on the Pentagon was faked by US agents to win more funding)

*** "NOT RESPECTING the holy places is the climax of the Zionist regime's violence and is declaration of war against all religions."

(Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamidreza Asefi condemning Israel's surrounding of Islam's and Christianity's holiest sites in its incursions in Palestinian territories)

*** "THE GENETIC MAP OF RICE is directly related to corn, wheat and barley and provides commercial opportunities for improving all cereal crops."

(Steve Briggs of a US patent company commenting on a research conducted by a team of scientists which sequenced the entire genome of the rice plant hoped to develop crops to better feed a growing and hungry world population)

*** "IF I LIVED a hundred years, I'll never quite get those few minutes out of my mind."

(Log-book of Captain Robert A. Lewis, the co-pilot of the aircraft 'Enola Gay' which dropped the first atom bomb on Hiroshima)

*** "A VIRTUAL SERVITUDE ... being ready to bow down even before they are asked."

(Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque calling the governments of Argentina, Costa Rica and Uruguay pawns of the US for their plans to condemn the Island before the UN Human Rights Commission)

*** "