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By Syed M.Aslam
April 08 - 14, 2002

*** "NEITHER ARE WE AFGHANISTAN nor should India think it is the United States."

(President General Pervez Musharraf warning India not to treat his country like 'scum' while calling for a UN role in de-escalating military tensions between the two countries)

*** "LIKE EVERYONE CONDEMNED to death and in all matters of life, Kyla has the inalienable right to ask for grace from you."

(Letter written by lawyers representing Rottweiller, Kyla, to French President Jacques Chirac pleading for mercy after the dog was condemned to death for appearing in public without a muzzle)

*** "UNILATERALISM IS NOT ONLY of no help, but rather would trigger off further proliferation of weapons of mass destruction."

(Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan condemning United States for growing unilateralism in arms control issues at the first UN-sponsored disarmament conference since a leaked defence review of US plans of potential nuclear targets)

*** "I KEPT HEARING a mysterious female voice calling for help so that she and her companion could rest in peace."

(A Philippino woman explaining how a mysterious voice heard by her led authorities to a mass grave of victims of communist executions)

*** "WE CALL UPON your Christian conscience, because we know you are the only one who can stop this tragedy immediately."

(Letter written to US President George W. Bush by heads of all the Christian churches in Jerusalem to halt Israel's military incursions in the biblical West Bank town of Bethlehem)

*** "IF I LIVED a hundred years, I'll never quite get those few minutes out of my mind."

(Log-book of Captain Robert A. Lewis, the co-pilot of the aircraft 'Enola Gay' which dropped the first atom bomb on Hiroshima)

*** "HOW CAN ANNAN call on Arafat to stop using force when the man is besieged and receiving, not delivering force."

(Former Bosnian Premier Haris Silajdzic criticizing UN's Secretary General Kofi Annan and accusing Israel of carrying out ethnic cleansing of Muslims similar to that by Serbs in his country Bosnia Herzegovina)

*** "NOBODY IS SHAKEN, afraid, or retreating. We are going to Jerusalem, giving millions of martyrs on the way."

(Besieged Palestinian President Yasser Arafat talking during a TV interview as Israeli tanks rumbled below the window of his headquarters in Ramallah)


(Hollywood superstar Sylvester Stallone, known for his violent roles in action films, answering a question what his older daughter Sophia, whom he doesn't allow to see his movies, thinks he does for a living?)

*** "I HAVE BEEN ADVISED not to go for referendum but I want to tell the nation today that I am a soldier and I do not fear from danger and I am ready to take the risk in the larger national interest."

(President General Pervez Musharraf announcing a referendum to seek public support for extension of his rule by five years)

*** "GROUNDLESS SLANDERS against North Korea should not be repeated."

(North Korean foreign ministry spokesman asking the US to stop its 'axis of evil' rhetoric)


(Protestant minister Ronald Denton Wilson, claiming that his late father Henry Clay Wilson killed black Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King 24 years ago. He said that late James Earl Ray who confessed to the murder was an acquaintance of his late father and was really 'was set up for the crime')

*** "THE BOTTOM LINE is that the United States is the only power that will be listened to by both sides... The White House was not doing enough to end the violence in the Middle East."

(Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright criticizing the US for not doing enough in Middle East crisis)

*** "PEOPLE HAVE BEEN coming in every day asking for it, but the publishers seem to have run out of stock as well."

(Parisian book-seller Laetitia Prignot commenting on selling out of a book written by Thierry Meyssan titled 'September 11: The Appalling Deception' which alleges that the attack on the Pentagon was faked by US agents to win more funding)