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Initially a fund of dollar one billion has been allocated for the reconstruction of the shattered infrastructures, buildings, houses and roads in Afghanistan.
Although world's major companies are trying to win contracts of different projects including reconstruction programme, Pakistan finds itself in a better position to grab a major share in the reconstruction process of that country. At least one lakh houses are immediately needed to provide shelter to the homeless families in Afghanistan, besides construction of schools, hospitals and completely dilapidated roads in that country.

Untreated and unscrupulously manufactured vegetable oil and ghee is posing grave risks to public health across the country. The tendency on the part of the hundreds of manufacturers in the unorganized sector to cut costs of the standard second refinement and the use of imported palm stearin oil meant in the manufacture of soap, detergents, cosmetics, etc., in edible oil manufacture is the primary reason for sharp rise in cardiac diseases in the country.

Adamjee family has filed a suit to avert the threat of hostile takeover of Adamjee Insurance Company. It is a no secret that now Muslim Commercial Bank owns nearly 20.3 million shares directly and indirectly. Since the insurance company has posted huge loss it becomes responsibility of the bank to protect the investment, made from shareholders, depositors and employees funds.


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