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By Syed M.Aslam
Apr 01 - 07, 2002

*** "... most of the problems the world has faced have come, in one fashion or other, from mainland Europe, and the solutions from outside it."

(Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher accusing Europe of spawning Nazism and Marxism. She advised the country to start pulling back from a 'fundamentally unreformable' European Union)

*** "CAN YOU BELIEVE this campaign? So much mud has been thrown this year, all the nominees look black."

(Host of 74th annually Oscar Award, black actress-comedian Whoopi Goldberg, jokingly brushing aside anti-Semite charges the nominee for best picture ' A Beautiful Mind' while humorously referring to bagging of top awards by black stars for the first time in history. 'A Beautiful Mind' was judged the best picture)

*** "WE SHOULD INVADE THEIR COUNTRIES, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

(Writer Ann Coulter favouring a new version of mediaeval Crusades against Muslim countries in an article published in leading extreme-right publication of the US, 'National Review')

*** "FOR US, the resistance to occupation is a legitimate right ... Israel is an occupier ... the biggest terrorism comes from Israel ... Arabs should break ties with Israel."

(Syrian President Bashar Al Assad speaking at the opening of the Arab League Summit held in Beirut this week)

*** "AFTER 20 YEARS of work and production, we are moving back not forward... the per capita income has become lower and unemployment is worse as there are nearly 60 million jobless in the Arab world."

(Secretary General of Cairo-based Arab Economic Unity Council, Dr Ahmed Juili, saying that average income in the 22-nation Arab League has declined from $ 3,050 in 1985 to $ 2,530 in 2000)

*** "THERE IS A MYTH that only the poorest and uneducated are desperate, but that's not necessarily the case."

(Palestinian public health worker and researcher Rita Giacaman saying that despair is driving even the well-to-do and educated Palestinians to become suicide bombers as an answer to Israeli atrocities)

*** "YOU FOUGHT THE BRITISH for independence and no one called you terrorists... We are fighting Zionism, so don't brand us terrorists."

(A Palestinian participant criticizing former US assistant secretary of state for Near East affairs Richard Murphy for his anti-Palestinian remarks at a symposium on 'Islam and the dialogue of civilisations' in Riyadh)

*** "YOU CAN'T blame this tragedy on the poor countries. It wasn't they who conquered and looted entire continents for centuries, nor did they establish colonialism, nor did they introduce slavery, nor did they create modern imperialism. They were its victims."

(Cuban President Fidel Castro scathing attack on rich nations for demanding their poor counterparts to meet conditions for receiving aid)

*** "WE FEEL THE SYSTEM has humiliated us. As American citizens we deserve better."

(Aysha Nudrad Unis, one of many US Muslims, whose homes and offices were broken into by armed law enforcement officers in black uniforms with guns pointed at their heads)

*** "WE HAVE A SERIOUS GOAL, a very medical goal of helping people with spinal injuries... where there is a break in the nervous system. We will be sending signals from the nervous system to the computer by radio and back the other way."

(Controversial British robotics scientist Kevin Warwick who has had his nervous system wired up to a computer in an experiment which he hopes will enable paralyzed people greater control over their bodies)

*** "TEA MAY BE REGARDED as part of a balanced diet because it is rich in flavonoids, generally found in vegetables, fruits and all green plants."

(Director of Manipal University Kolkata, Dr P. R. Krishnaswamay claiming that tea can help prevent diseases and even has the potential to prevent such feared diseases as cancer, diabetes and cardiac ailments)