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Mar 25 - 31, 2002



Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has maintained its status of market leader in lubricants among the three major oil-marketing companies for the third consecutive month in January 2002.

The data released by Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC) shows that PSO's market share for lubricants for the period came to 42.5 per cent against 34.7 and 22.8 per cent of Shell and Caltex respectively.
In terms of year-to-date figures (July 2001-January 2002), PSO has a cumulative market share of 40.2 per cent in lubricants against 37.1 and 22.7 of Shell and Caltex respectively.

What is remarkable is that PSO has achieved this status in a totally deregulated industry that is currently facing a downward trend and is down by 10.4 per cent.

Along with this development, PSO has added a new petrochemical "Ethyl Acetate" to its current product range, increasing the number of products marketed for the chemical industry to 10. Ethyl Acetate is used in industrial lacquers and enamels like photographic film, adhesives and nail varnishes. It is also used as an extraction solvent in the production of pharmaceuticals and food and as a carrier solvent for herbicides. An environmental use for Ethyl Acetate is in the reduction of pollution associated with wood pulping, while improving the economic viability.

The entire parcel of new chemical "Ethyl Acetate" has been sold in advance.


"Success of Khushhalibank has shattered the myth that destitute people cannot save and manage themselves financially." Says Ghalib Nishtar, President Khushhalibank. "We have disbursed about Rs. 255million to the needy people and our recovery rate is nearly 100%. Out of the 27,000 loans that we have serviced, approximately 40% of the borrowers are women. Khushhalibank is operating in 30 districts of Pakistan," he added.

Speaking at the IBA- HBL Conference on Banking and Finance Ghalib Nishtar emphasized the global challenges to poverty alleviation. He said about 1.3billion of the world's population are living in abject poverty without adequate food, clean drinking water, sanitation or health care and also without education. "There is a consensus among the Development Community that if development is to be meaningful it must eliminate poverty."

Ghalib Nishtar also reiterated the achievements of Microfinance stating that the concept of Microfinance has shattered the myth that poor cannot and do not save. Microfinance has also proven the creditworthiness of the poor. Khushhalibank in Pakistan has strengthened the social and human capital of the poor, especially women. KB has triggered a process of broadening and deepening of rural financial markets, and its success has proved that a large number of people can be reached and be assisted in improving the quality of life.


Recently, French consul general, Gilles Bonnaud who is also the current Dean of the diplomatic corps in Karachi hosted a reception at his residence to bid farewell to the consul general of Japan and Mrs. Kazumi Dekiba.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Bonnaud highlighted Mr. Dekiba's academic and professional achievements and lauded the impressive Japanese commercial, industrial and cultural presence in Karachi. He praised Mr. Dekiba's efforts in promoting goodwill and friendly relations between Japan and Pakistan. He also appreciated the co-operation extended by Mr. Dekiba to his diplomatic colleagues during his tenure in Karachi.

On behalf of Karachi's diplomatic corps, the Dean congratulated the Japanese consul general on his nomination as ambassador to Tanzania, wished him goodluck in his future assignments and presented a beautiful silver memento to the outgoing diplomat.

Addressing the diplomatic corps and eminent journalists present to bid him adieu, Mr. Dekiba declared that he was highly satisfied with his stay in Pakistan and was departing with pleasant memories. He thanked his colleagues, his numerous friends, the press and the local authorities for it. He also extended an invitation to them to visit Tanzania as his personal guests.


NCR Corporation has signed agreement with Institute of Business Administration (IBA) to introduce data warehousing course at both undergraduate and masters level.

IBA starts teaching data warehousing course as part of the NCR University Program and begins classes from Jan 2002. NCR has already signed agreements with other four universities including LUMS, NUST and NUCES (previously FAST) for their campuses in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

This Data Warehousing Program is being started as part of the computer science curriculum and will be subsequently introduced at the higher levels. NCR a world leader in Data Warehousing is committed to transfer of knowledge and technology in Pakistan, with the aim of preparing the IT professionals to meet the challenges of the 21st century and enhance their skill sets at par with the international standards.

In its first phase, NCR launched a unique University Program on Data Warehousing in Pakistan which includes investments in the form of hardware, software, train the trainer program and development of course materials. Syed Veqar ul Islam, Country General Manager, NCR said, "The program is aimed at enhancing the knowledge base and skill set in Pakistan. Data Warehousing has become very popular strategic tool among organizations worldwide, striving to gain competitive edge in the global market."

NCR begins the second phase of the University Program from this year whereby more universities will be selected to impart data warehousing training and expertise to their graduates and master students in top IT and Business universities of Pakistan.

Engr. M.P.Gangwani President Institution of Engineers Pakistan presenting IEP Crest to Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Minister for Finance, Planning & Development, Government of Sindh.


The chief of Small and Medium Enterprises Bank Ltd. Mr. Tariq Khan Baluch visited Orangi area and exchanged views with shopkeepers, small industrialists and owners of cottage industries.

He paid visit to the area on the invitation of local social welfare leader Prof. Aslam Ansari.

While talking to the small industry traders at the office of Anjuman-e-Tajran, Pakistan Bazar Orangi Town 8, 9, 111/2 sectors after his visit, he informed them about the procedure of the loan facilities given by SME Bank to the small industry traders.

He said that previously loans were given to those persons who greased the palm of the officials. But President General Pervez Musharraf changed the system and strictly eliminated this evil from banks. Now only genuine and deserving persons will be given loan after thorough scrutiny the check. He praised the small traders of Orangi for their dedication to their profession and craftmanship.

On the occasion, Mubashir Ahmed and Talqz Shaikh of SME Bank, Habibullah Qureshi, President ATP Orangi, Prof. Aslam Ansari, Shamim Khan, Dr. Imam Ansari, Naseem Ansari and Sarfraz Alam Naserazem, also accompanied him.